Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | February 22, 2012

Finish day + 3

Hello to all our wonderful supporters again – Helena here this time in haste (it’s amazing how the day can get frittered away when you aren’t sticking to a rogorous rowing schedule). We have been quite overwhelmed by the wonderful comments you’ve all been making by email, and on our Facebook page, blog and the Talisker site, and it’s taking us a while to get through catching up with all this media, whilst also cleaning out the boat ready for shipping (now done).
But, we HAD to get this picture up now – a surprise, wonderful gift of champagne, gourmet crisps and shampoo (all 3 perfect to meet our needs!), tied up with black and orange ribbons, which was delivered to us here at the gorgeous Sugar Cane Club in beautiful Barbados, from Mel and Graham. Thanks, guys! wow. Mel is a college friend of H’s who only dabbled in rowing for 1 term, but embraced the what we were up to fantastically, becoming a great addition to our land team in efffect. She generously hosted our site on her company server, and added pictures to it passed to her form Land Team Lisa.
We’ll be back in the UK (IGatwick) at 6am on Sunday and will be blogging more coherently again then. IN the mean time, the final thing we have to say is a big well done to our friend Lydia Swift of Bedford RC who won the “when will they arrive” competition. The Talisker whisky will be with you next time I see you, mate!


  1. Crikey, I don’t often win anything, but I think the biggest winners are DIDI and team

  2. Hi Richard and Helena – HUGE congratulations, amazing achievement – your dream and you did do it !!! will be good to see you back on local waters. Must confess to missing your daily blogs which became a bit of an addiction – puts the KGS sponsored row into perspective !!! but all for excellent causes .. see you on the water … Sarah S KGSVBC

  3. Sheila and I were thrilled to learn that you came safely ashoreeven a bit sooner than you expectredI I think Hellena’s great great gradfather Thomas Lewis was watching your progress with admiration from his heavenly vantage point; perhaps a bit envious of DIDI’s internet and navigational kit!
    Please let us know if you plan to come on a lecture tour to Bristol. Some of those who have heard talks on SS Gt Britain might be interested –
    Yate Townswomen’s Guild
    Positive Image Photographic Society, Barry
    Keynes Park Cruising Association
    Sea Mills History Guild
    The Welding and Joining Society, Falfield
    Historical Association, Gloucester
    Air Training Corps, 2152 Squadron, Filton
    Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, Downend
    Bristol Brunel Probus Club
    U3A West Wiltshire Branch, Trowbridge
    West Somerset Railway Association, Bristol Group
    Weston-Super- Mare Rotary Club
    Wootten-Under-Edge, Women’s Probus Club
    Royal Marines Association, Bath
    Care and Support after Loss, Yate
    Western Jewish Social Club, Bristol
    Bath Cruising Club !!

    With congratulations on the success of your amazing exploit and our love
    Antony and Sheila

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