Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | February 17, 2012

Day 75: A surprise visit!

We feel like celebs (in a good way)! H was rowing along about an hour ago, and R was having a quick rest in the cabin when, for the 2nd time today H heard the sound of an engine and spotted a light aircraft approaching from the South (a prop plane had flown over earlier, but kept going out to sea, coming back about 10 mins later). It then started circling us, and H eventually realised that we needed to turn OFF Harry Potter (chapter 36 out of 37!) and turn on the VHF! But imagine our amazement when we immediately heard a deep man’s voice with a lovely Caribbean accent saying “Dream It Do It” – that’s Us! He said he looked forward to seeing us in Port St Charles some time tomorrow, and after a couple more circuits flew off home to Barbados. We were too stunned to think of all the questions we would have loved to have asked, like “how do you know about us” and “how long will it take you to fly back”, but we really hope the gentleman will come and introduce himself tomorrow so we can thank him for the MASSIVE boost this visit gave us!

In somewhat disappointing news for those of you planning on watching the web cam in PSC tomorrow evening, I’m afraid you won’t see us… It seems that the Yacht Club, whose landing stage the webcam looks out on, is being used for a wedding that day, and inexplicably, the wedding planner hasn’t included the arrival of 2 smelly rowers in a tiger boat in the entertainments and general decor, so we’re going to be coming in to the fuel pontoon, wherever that is, in PSC instead. We were given the option of waiting out at sea for another night so you could see us come in, but guess what, we declined that one… Sorry! There WILL be photos though, don’t know when.

NB When we do come in, please don’t then keep sending messages to the satellite phone – best to add comments to the blog or email the Gmail address that’s on the Contact page of

Today started a touch lively, though not very, and then flattened out a lot, so steering would be easy if the foot steering mechanism wasn’t getting so worn out it’s a bit temperamental! Still, it should just about last to the finish line which is just off the North Point of the Island – then it’s about 8 miles to PSC, and Aurora will probably tow us for that so we have a better chance of getting to PSC in daylight.

Another great boost we had today was hearing that R’s Just giving page has reached its target and at the time Mel texted us, H’s was only £72 off its target. You are all SO kind and generous, we really do appreciate it, and know that the charities do to – the St Mungo’s people have texted us regularly to tell us so!

Finally, good luck to the KGS Senior Girls, Lydia and everyone else we know competing on Sunday at what I’m afraid the umpire community affectionately refer to as “Hammersmith Tots and Tarts Head”…

Linda – panic not, there is no way we’ll get there before Tabitha is 9!

Various people have mentioned their celebration plans – if you do raise a glass to us, and can take a photo, do send it to the land team at tigerteam.atlantic as it would be lovely to have these and also put them up on the site (Chris, could you pass on to Mel, perhaps)?

Gemma – if you get this, thanks for letting us know about Aurora’s schedule. I think there’s a text that hasn’t got through yet as I think your texts are longer than 160 chars and are getting chopped up by Iridium as I’ve got “ght as well adjust timings as necessary for u?” and one ending “RU rowing”…

Back to the oars – yay!


Thanks to Gemma from Woodvale for passing on the photo the pilot took – Land Ed




  1. well done both of you what an amazing thing you both have done
    enjoy a well earnt meal and proper food when you reach land


    ps will miss your landing so sending this early as have to do my own battle with the french autoroutes

  2. Please tell R & H that the air plane came out and filmed us as we approached PSC last year in Britannia lll. They are local guys who put footage on the WoodVale website before we even got in! Great guys and very friendly.
    COngrats to you both on a wonderful achievement!
    Roger G

  3. How brilliant. You have done a fantastic job and are so nearly finished. Just think of the beer, food and a shower. Oh that shower – it will feel soooo good! Tom

  4. As I write your website states 11nm to go!! All but there now. A truely tremendous effort. I hope you are as proud of yourselves as all your followers are! GO DIDI!!!

  5. Well done u guys!!!
    Keep going, nearly there.
    Congrats. This is an amazing achievement!!!
    Charlie xx

  6. Congratulations from Qatar! Just 2 miles to go as we write. A phenomenal achievement. Will send photo toasting your success later. That beer will be exquisite. Jackie and Fiona

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