Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | February 16, 2012

Day 74: Slow, slow, not quick, slow

First of all, happy wedding day to Andy and Tash!

Second, today’s conditions have been rubbish for progress yet again. bit lively in the morning, but calmed down by lunchtime so that it feels like rowing through glue and we’re back on the 30 mile days again. With the wind forecast to be lower tomorrow though a little higher on Saturday, there is little chance now that we’ll even get in during daylight on Saturday.

Cath – thanks for reassurance about wacky waves at 100 to go!

We will try to experiment with rowing further into the night tonight, but it’s clouding over, and well, it’s REALLY dark out here when this happens! We have been reliably informed that we might start seeing the glow of the island from about 80nm out, which would be tonight.

Saw a few more interesting birds today, and also a large cargo ship passed astern of us which entertained us for a bit.

And whilst we’re talking about slow things, our “Jetboil” water boiling camping gas stove has now been renamed a “cessna boil” as it is so slow – nothing to do with the gas, but just its efficiency has been wrecked by gradual infusion of salt.

Linda, yes, there are some crazy souls who row more than one ocean, or even the same ocean twice. The baby-soft feet and weight loss SOUND great, but walking will be awful, and the weight loss has all been from the wrong places on me at least! Am concerned that your youngest daughter has her affections too easily won by a curved sausage…

Everyone – Baz has set us a fiendish anagram which is quite beyond me in our current state – “Rectally unintelligent twitcher”, it is “what we’re doing now” and it is 4 words, 9, 6, 3 and 8 letters. Can you help!!!

Short blog tonight as need to go back rowing. Stick with us!


[The Mum’s have arrived safely in Barbados – now just waiting for H&T to join them – Land Ed]


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