Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | February 10, 2012

Day 68: Surprised!

The day began with a text from Helen C asking how we managed to do 19 miles overnight – and the answer certainly doesn’t involve doing anything we haven’t done for the previous 67 nights, so we can only conclude that we have happened across the elusive North Equatorial Current. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have “dolphins eyes” at the side of the road to stop us straying off it again.

Conditions, as expected, were “strong” today, but at least they weren’t too wild to be able to listen to Harry Potter (now up to chapter 12) without totally losing concentration on steering.

So, that was one surprise. And a pleasant one at that.

More totally out off the blue, left of centre etc, was a text from our faithful follower Mel who told us that Mitch Benn, from the Now Show, had given us a “shout out” on Twitter! Now we’re not tweeters ourselves, so we’re not 100% sure exactly what a shout out is, but we’re completely flattered and thrilled. And also wondering whether he or his agent has one of those internet traces set up to flag up any mentions of the Now Show (given I mentioned yesterday we had sadly run out of downloaded editions of it to listen to – H went to a live recording with OARS-sufferer Lydia about 18 months ago – it was FAB).

Saw a PAIR of storm petrels for the first time today. Either that or glasses really need cleaning.

On a more somber note RIP the absolutely legendary John Fairfax who died unexpectedly 2 days ago. He was the first man to row an ocean solo. And whilst rowing the Atlantic got bored with how long it was taking (can identify with that!), so threw most of his food overboard to make the boat lighter and faster, and caught fish instead to eat. We will NOT be doing that, however grim Chicken and Vegetable Pasta has become…

Lots of great messages and jokes today – again, please don’t be offended if administrative-plonk leads to you not being mentioned below!

Helen – City Screen cinema in central York has an internet cafe if that helps you at all?! Can you set someone up to text you updates?!

Great to hear from Animal and the little animals, Cath, Michael R, Kath a Corinthians supporter, Stuart McMillan, Heidi (he HAS to have an obligatory photo with the sea dog look, but that beard is coming off asap after that, I promise!), Jack (wow, have you taught the cat to play the piano?!), Lydia (we liked the joke – what did the 0 say to the 8 – nice belt), Sooty, and Mark Lewis for his very generous donation, and Carlos from Armas in La Gomera for saying “vamos tigres”!

Rog – for your anagram “A barber smooched wee” (think of your destination) we can only come up with “row me Barbados cheese”….

Baz – the solution is “parliament” – what are you doing there next week (and are you going to Bucharest?)

Finally, good luck to everyone competing at GB trials at frozen Dorney tomorrow and also at Henley 4s and 8s Head (Naomi, can you let me know how you get on?).

Coming up tomorrow – the Sounds of the Ocean (especially for Liz and Lawrence)!

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