Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | February 9, 2012

Day 67: Thanks, Harry!

Some time this morning I realised that I’d omitted one of the most important items from the “we brought just the right amount” list we put up yesterday – which is Harry Potter audio books. Admittedly, there is some rationing going on of the last one, which we permitted ourselves to start at 500nm to go. We have now completed chapter 8, and there are 37. Should just be OK. We’ve also been enjoying listening to random people on Desert Island Discs on the iPod (yup, I know, how middle-aged can you get?) and regret that we ran out of episodes of either the News Quiz or the Now Show about a week ago!

Conditions are pretty wild just now – and there was an even worse squall around midday when R happened to be rowing – any rain out here is always preceded by a sudden increase in gusting winds, and boy did he get both!

Saw a yacht on the horizon behind us this morning which was exciting, but eventually it tacked away to the East.

Forecast about the same for tomorrow, stronger on Sat and then down on Sun and down a lot on Monday, at which point our ability to do 45nm days may drop away… So you still have all to play for in your arrival time predictions!

Saw a couple of long-tailed tropic birds today. Sara – loved the very detailed photo of the red kite on today’s flapjack!

Beard Report – R’s beard has now got to the stage of having taken a shape of its own – no longer just following the contours of his face, it’s got those kind of square corners a la Abraham Lincoln… We MUST get to somewhere he can shave soon!

Charleses – barbar & Barbara (very clever clue) = Elephant and Castle. And a clever supporter suggests that “Canonical Tree” might be Gospel Oak if rail stations are allowed as well as tube?

Baz – fair enough, I had heard of Trueman Capote, though not the Bourne Trilogy bloke!

MANY other thanks to (and please don’t worry that your message hasn’t got through or be offended if I have missed you – this is “extreme admin!”) – Elaine (granny duty sounds fun, but hard work), Rog, Jackie & Sarah, the Louizous, Charlotte, Ann Teviotdale, the Atlantic 4 Supporters, Hancocks, Cath (thanks for Tommy & Miss Twiggy info), Heff, Will, the Sealys, Mary & Viv Lavis, the MacLachlans, Judy, Helen C and Meg in the Library (had totally forgotten that daffodils even exist – lovely thought, thanks!).

Jack – we hope to be back some time in the last week of February if this fits with your dwelling plans!

JV – not sure I dare cancel the booking I have taken from Chris H for Vets Head – maybe we should go and have a tiger ambush of Bedford SBH instead?


  1. Ok, that’ll be fine. I hope Tanni continues to play on the piano after I leave!

  2. Squall or no squall, you are now munching through those miles, or I am going to revise my time for you to 76 days. Good luck and go for it, this is the last big push. Tom

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