Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | February 8, 2012

Day 66: Surpluses and deficits

Today we’re reflecting, as is customary at such a stage in an ocean row, on what we have too much of, what not enough of, and what we got just right, like Mountain House porridge (with raspberries). Obviously we’re not covering everything!

Too much: sun cream (but better that way than the other), biscuits (3 packets eaten, about 29 remaining, which is incredible given R gets through a packet a day at home), long sleeved tops – brought 2 each, 1 would have been fine.

Too little: savoury snacks – those 6 packs of oatcakes are long gone! 12V charger for the laptop.

Just right: Baby wipes (though we are alarmed at how much we are now connoisseurs of these – how easily they separate, how well the packs reseal etc), R’s footwear (he brought crocs which he broke, wetsuit shoes, which he has pulled to pieces, and trainers which were a last-minute, but very fortunate addition – H has worn her crocs the whole way), beansprout seeds.

Today started rough as forecast, but calmed down around lunchtime, so it’s felt like rather a slog all afternoon. Forecast is stronger for the next 3 days, but given what today turned into, goodness knows what it will be like! But it WAS calm enough for H to do what she hopes is a last hair wash before landing! 2 degrees south to go and 7 west (60 miles to a degree, remember)…

Talking of which, Emma Coy (we’ve now sorted out the carter thing – you don’t need to include your email, by the way), and yes, we got your estimate that you think we will be in on 22nd, which is a thoroughly depressing thought and we hope we will be in before that!

Helen – thanks for the invite – it’s in the diary!

Lovely Land Team Lisa tells us that, amazing, R is now at 84% of his fundraising target – MANY thanks to all of you who have helped us towards this, including Cath G, Sheena, the Findlays and Jacqueline Crocker today.

JV – Korea move, groan, haha. Would the French say “Cher bourg” if you tried to buy a french town?

Vicky – you are just wonderful with everything you’re doing with the Greens team AND cutting short your Scotland break to “row in” with us! Cake, yes please!

UK GOld – what is everyone planning on doing for the WeHORR and VetZ?

Beccy – are you a tail (tiger tail?)

Baz – I HAVE heard of those books, but have no idea who wrote them and am contemplating that you’re trying to get me to figure out author names that I’ve never heard of. Robert Ludlum for the 2nd one?

Naomi – Hmm!

Also great to hear from Martin H, freezing in Bucharest, Cath G running in the snow, Cath A with her client’s malapropisms, Catriona from KGVBC, Mel re the pedalo pair, and the various people who told us the surprising news that the women’s boat race will move to the championship course in 2015.

Cath A – presumably your friend Aldo is in Miss Twiggy? Could you keep giving us updates on where they are relative to us? Has Janice Jakait landed yet? And is Tommy Tippets still doing fine after restarting?


  1. As for the french town….Cher bourg, you say… Take a little ripple of applause. Eh bien, mais non! Because really you should know they’re Avignon of it.

    Nothing for WEHORR, but vetz…could we, should we have a tiger crew? Any takers get in touch. We’ll pay more than Chris H for a cox Helena!

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