Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | February 7, 2012

Day 65: Hey, is that a …

… frigatebird? Yes! At last! Ocean rowers have been telling us for nearly 2 weeks that we’d be seeing them soon, so it’s good to do so, especially, as previously mentioned, they can apparently stay at sea for up to a week, which suggests we are only 3.5 days from land as the frigatebird flies (which regrettably, is considerably faster than the tiger boat swims).

Conditions were difficult today, but we’ve known worse, and according to the forecast will experience worse again on Thursday and Friday after a slight decrease tomorrow (maybe H can go for one last hair wash?). Hey ho, keep paddling on as Churchill almost said (kids, if you don’t know what Churchill ACTUALLY said, do ask the nearest history/politics teacher…)

Thanks to all who educated H that the Boomtown Rats don’t like Mondays. We’re still having our noses kept to the puzzle grindstone as follows:

2nd last instalment of Tube stations from the Charleses:
Des Res (2 answers) – Mansion house and ?Manor
Canonical Tree – R thinks Parson’s Green, but H has no idea
Hudson Bay – Canada Water (clever!)
Orienta Pig – East Ham

And 2 from Clint:
What is lighter than a feather, but strong people can’t hold for long – See answer A below
What is at the beginning of eternity to the end of time and space, from the beginning of every end and the end of every place? ditto answer B.

And a most erudite one from Michael R:
Who is the largest person in the Bible? (answer C)

Baz – still working on those authors – could you give me names of books they’ve written in case I haven’t actually heard of them?

Helen C – stop pinning over R’s gowns and do some MARKING!

Adrian – thank you for making us both laugh…

Good to hear from: John O’Driscoll, Karon, BeechBoys, Biff, Andy Devine, Andy C (you’ll be just fine without me at committee and you know it), Liz & Loz, Elaine, Cath (indeed, or had their cat bring one in still alive at dead of night to play with under one’s bed), James and all at and, of course, Mum & Dad Martin!

We were intrigued to hear that R’s mum has had an inoculation to come and meet us in Barbados – does she think we’ll be THAT toxic? We haven’t had any such inoculations…

Will – R’s all in ones are WAY worse than Horses’s – the lycra has degraded so much in his favorite, coolest one that he has to wear it up so the shorts don’t fall down. And the seam at the back has come all unstitched. This will NEVER be worn in public again.

Lisa – sorry, I never set up the collection of voicemail from the sat phone! Are you on a placement again?

Eric – hope we finish before you get back from Slovakia – thrilled that you’re following us even from there!

Chris M – we have got in a muddle about official DMGs for days 62, 63 and 64, please could you send in that clear way you do?!

Lydia- thanks for the info on the Wembley session and for talking to John Biddle – phew!

JV – no, I hadn’t heard about Seoul – when, doing what, how long for?! What does Lacey think about this?

Emma Carter – we very much hope we’ll be in before that!

A Your breath
B the letter e
C The woman of Samarea

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