Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | February 3, 2012

Day 60: Under 700nm to go!

We DID previously apologise in advance that such headings might get
repetitive, but we like them, so hope you will too! Having said that, thanks
to BBoys for reminding us to stick to the routine and no shortcuts.

As before, it’s the conditions that are leading to the big mileages, rather
than super sprints by our little legs, but at least the waves have been
fairly helpful today – big in the morning, but reasonably organised instead
of going every which way, and this afternoon, they flattened out a bit (for
a given definiteion of “flatten” – still much bouncier than the day the
rudder was changed) and we pulled the bight in, which speeds things up. We
spend a lot of time doing sums – the GPS repeater is generally showing our
location in degrees, minutes, and 3 decimal points of minutes (1 minute=1
mile, so 1 degree=60 miles), but whichever way you add it up, we’ve still
got about 680nm to go (which is very considerably past half way, thank you
very much Matthew Tickle!)!

Yesterday morning, R claims he saw a shark briefly. And maybe he did, but
equally, each time the whales appeared and when the dolphins popped up, he
also said “Is that a shark?”, so it’s probably a good thing he’s not
considering a career change to martine biology…

We’re beginning to need a social secretary on board (but they’d have to be
VERY small…) as we’ve received 2 invitations in the last 2 days! Laura A –
we would LOVE to come to your evening wedding do on 13 April, but can you
check with Phil Simmons that he isn’t expecting R to be away coaching on a
training camp anywhere before adding us to your “yes please” list?

And Biff, yes, we very much hope to be at the KGSBC dinner on 3 March – H
looking forward greatly to hearing Rowley Douglas.

Big congrats today to Emil and Mega-Trond from Sons of Noway who have
finished in their boat Njord which is one of the wooden ones, just like
ours. Lisa – if you can pass such a message to them, that would be great
(their website is in Norwegian, but they speak perfect English). Out of
interest, how slim did they look on landing?!

Father, don’t worry, I wasn’t at all expecting you or E to be there, and she
doesn’t need to feel she has to come just so we have a relative each, as it
were, but if it suits for her and Mary to have a girls trip together, then
great idea.

Clint – is the thing that has holes everywhere, but still holds water a
sponge? (R’s suggestion).

Jackie S – is the answer 10 races? IF it is, can you post the question as a
reply to this blog as people like to know, but it’s too long for me to type!

Talking of which, Michael R asked – how can we type in such big waves? Well,
the short answer, especially for those who have signed up to this blog by
email and who get the raw version, as opposed to the web version which Lisa
cleans up, is “badly”. But in more detail, H props herself up in the cabin
against the reinforcing arch with a cushion, and has the laptop on her legs.
But the key thing is that the boat just rides up over the waves like a
cork – it doesn’t smash through them like a yacht or fishing trawler might,
and so you don’t really notice the up and down. The rocking from side to
side can be more annoying…

Alison Faiers – I would REALLY like to get some physio/osteopath treatment
for the rench I did to my back/hip 2 weeks ago as soon as poss after we get
to Barbados (rather than waiting till we get home). I don’t suppose you have
any contacts there who could recommend a sports-oriented osteopath or
physio, do you? If so, please could you pass details to Lisa on our Land
Team at tigerteam.atlantic who could book an appointment (happy to
pay!) for a suitable date as this becomes clearer (because she’s a star)?

Cath – my thoughts exactly about wooden boats – out of 5 pairs left in the
race, all 3 wooden ones that started have finished or are still plodding
away! Can you remind me what your crossing time was? But fabulously well
done to have built a boat that can go that fast!

KGS Snr Girls – great to hear from you – can’t believe you’ve met Andrew
Brown – how did that come about?

Lydia – enjoy the 2012 training on Sunday. My name may be mud for not
replying to a training day invitation that I got an email about literally
the day before we set out from La Gomera. If there is anyone there like the
permie staff, could you poss explain why I haven’t replied (if it’s a
problem that I haven’t), but don’t worry if only on water people are there.

Horse – wow-oh-wow-oh-wow! Yup, that shark would definitely have been
hungry. Your hooves must have been on fire! (mixing my metaphors here). I am so proud! Do tell Vincent, he’d love to know…

Emma Graham – thanks for your riddles from Oz – we’ll think about these and
reply tomorrow – don’t tell us the answers till we’ve blogged tomorrow

Lisa – many thanks for co-ordinating the welcome party – we couldn’t do this
without you! We probably don’t want to be there terribly long – maybe about
4 days to clean the boat out, chew the cud with the Aurora crew, have some
physio, visit the Mount Gay Rum distillery, and that’s about it. We also
MUST be home for 3 March (KGSBC dinner and would rather not go straight to
that from the airport!) Could you ring Dan to check if he’s coming if you
don’t already know, and if he can’t because of time off work, he has a bag
of clothes that need to be got to Tonbridge? (And could you ask him for a
sit rep about the car tax renewal too, please?)

Many thanks for the weather reports – sounds awful (though snow is always
briefly pretty). Out here R got sunburnt shoulders yesterday despite being
very brown (and sticky) already.

And thanks to Steph H-G for bad jokes, Rachel E, Karon, Helen C – please
stick with us till the end, you’re SUCH a help!

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