Posted by: ericandlisafroggatt | February 3, 2012

Are they there yet…

Lisa from the Land team here.

OK, so I have taken my eye off the ball a bit. TigerTeam has caught the wind in its tail, and the intended ‘competition’ to guess the time that DIDI and crew will have taken for their adventure when they cross the finish line is approaching faster than I had thought it would.

So, with a bottle of Taliskers at stake for the closest guess;

1. post your guesses here in the comments or

2. on the Facebook page – Atlantic Rowing by the Smalman-Smiths – or

3. send it to

We will use the Talisker website for an official time and work out how to get said bottle to the winner (even if it has to be sent overseas!!!). It must be in DAY / HOURS / MINUTES format. Closing day is 10th Feb GMT.

There may be one more ‘make a donation’ competition – to be confirmed next week.


  1. I am going to go for 87 days, as you now have a real reason to get backand need to put your foot down. I know you can do it. Tom Lee

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