Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 31, 2012

Day 58: Waves – can’t live with ’em and can’t live without ’em

Subtitle: Under 800 to go.

Many thanks to all those of you who have celebrated with us the rapid ticking down of the miles and the next milestone. However, this good news comes at a price – big waves, are NOT easy to deal with. NB The forecast is for more of the same for the next 4 days at least. So it is good, but not easy.

So why not get more to grips with how it all works out here with this easy-to-make craft idea (no stickybacked plastic required). Here’s what you do.

1. Take a longish piece of paper – maybe 3 sheets of A4 landscape taped end to end. Draw sea and sky on it. Put clouds in the sky but also a HOT sun and some rainbows as some are rain clouds (we had 3 short but hefty squalls today – during one, the sea looked like it was steaming!). Make the line between the sea and sky flat. You might put some clumps of mustard-coloured sargasso weed floating in the sea.

2. Take a thinish strip of acetate or other transparent material and draw some BIG waves on it, coloured in to be the same colour as the sea. Some breaking on the top, some not. They should be up to 11ft high (in scale) – our boat is about 4 ft above water line at the highest point, for reference.

3. Draw a tiny little ocean rowing boat and cut out. This can be our tiger, or, for those supporters of other crews who have now joined this blog to try to quell their OARS (Obsessive Atlantic Rowing Supporting) symptoms, a boat representing the crew of your choice.

4. Now, place the acetate waves on the background picture and draw across the background (from right to left, obviously, heading to Barbados). So you see that the water stays in much the same place, but the waves move.

5. Now repeat, but with the ocean boat going up and down every wave crest and trough, whilst also moving to Barbados on the left. The waves move faster than the boat, but the boat creeps along the sea, so the sargasso weed goes out behind it.

And now it’s time for John Craven’s Newsround…

If anyone does actually MAKE this, could you send a pic or video to the Land team at for addition to this blog?!

Thanks to Heff and Chris M for news of Sara G – glad they’re safe. We saw the boat a lot as it’s been based at Rossiters in Christchurch where we also trained. Where had they started from and how far out were they? What other independents are currently out there – what about Miss Twiggy? And the guys, I think leaving from Morocco, I think in what was Andrew Barnet’s boat?

Clint – many thanks for the answer to “What food do you throw away the outside of and then cook the inside, then eat the outside and throw away the inside?” (answer A at bottom of this blog). I got it this morning before you texted the answer! However, I can’t work out what has holes top, bottom, middle, left right but still holds water, unless it’s the Canal du Midi?

Next joke form Steph H-G – why won’t molluscs and crustaceans share their sweets? See B below.

Helen C – can’t believe what you were doing this morning when you messaged us, but loved the info, and won’t tell in case you get sacked!

Geraint – good and less good news, then! Like the word “deprovement”. A friend has an Indian colleague who talks about “pre-poning” activities – the opposite of postponing (though as he points out, it should really be ante-poning). Such words ARE logical!

Will – Champion to hear from you lad! Also Martin Lach.

Di if you need another urgently, they’re in a box on top of the piano in our house – threaten our house sitter with your dogs or breasts (Is this a typo – Land Ed?!) or something to gain entry..

Also massive thanks to blasts from the past from Tonbridge – Gloria and David Redstone, and to Karen from the Greens Team – when do you all think you’ll finish?

Could someone answer my question about burgers on landing from yesterday’s blog, please? (thanks for trying JV – Sir CLIFF!! blimey)

SABRINA (and all who know her) – have you got a nice new tax disk to start wearing tomorrow? If not, all of your squidgy organic people could be in trouble, even though you are parked on private land? Sorry to hear about your bad eyes – how nice of stubble to sort that out.

And a big well done (Lisa, please could you pass on as you always do so efficiently) to Team Epoch – Sonya and the 3 lads, for finishing yesterday. You may have described yourselves as “American and unprepared” before the start, but you’ve done it and that’s all that matters now!

Wildlife today has been rubbish – storm petrel and common tern, only very briefly, Hardly any sargassum.

Chris M, please could we have the DMG for Day 56. We have 57? Thanks! Am also trying to get the official line off WV for crossing an ocean – as finish line is actually irrelevant to us. Could you possibly investigate (no hurry!) thanks!

A: Corn on the cob.
B. They’re shellfish.


  1. From Thames Ditton: I have just heard of your great adventure, though I’m a little late. Depending on your time zone, many congratulations approaching Day 60! I will be checking in, though wordpress wont accept my email to subscribe to your blog, but I’ll persevere…I really shouldn’t flirt with words like “persevere” given my shamefully comfortable predicament compared to your heroic circumstances. Keep up the incredible work x Liam

    • Liam – glad to have you with us. You can also try or the FB site “Atlantic rowing by the smalman-smiths” for more info/chat.

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