Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 29, 2012

Day 56: Lows and Highs

…literally, at the start of the day which was very rough. R exited the cabin first and after clipping on, was thrown sideways by a large wave, knocking him against our safety rails, but merely bruising his arm.

Conditions were fast, but very hard to keep the boat pointing the right way – these were the roughest we’d had since we got the replacement rudder. Whilst it’s a great rudder in many ways, it doesn’t really protrude far enough below the boat – only about 1 ft, because it had to be attached to our existing fittings on our transom – it would have been lower in the water on the boat it was designed for. As a result, in these conditions, it just doesn’t bite enough. So by 2.30pm, with the boat broaching and us unable to pull it round with blades or rudder, we retreated to the safety of the cabin. It continued rough, and then there was a short rain storm after which the conditions unusually totally died down – that never happens in a day! AND when R went out to row,  he found some bottlenosed dolphin playing round the boat. H saw a pair to that wonderful formation curved jump together!

Glad to have ticked these off our list, but we’d definitely like to see them a lot more!

Many thanks to all those who sent messages and apologies to anyone who has sent messages that I haven’t thanked each day – it can be hard keeping up with the admin!

Barnards – yes, it can become TOTALLY dark when it’s a cloudy night. But we’re rubbish at astronomy so stick to navigating with compass/GPS! But when not cloudy you get the impression of seeing much deeper into the sky than you do at home with the light pollution.

Ed B – thanks for weak joke, and Odie is flourishing, thank you.

Andrew Marsden – what a small world with your neighbour! If you see him, and mentioned our name, he should know who we are – R used to scull with him at Molesey BC before he (ATH) got good! And he might know H as Tom’s friend who has coxed them a couple of times. Whereabouts in Oxford are you?

EAW – what impressive company you keep at lunch!

Rog – you’re very brave to have your eyes done!

Lavericks, sorry, yes, have had and enjoyed all your messages – thinking about that snow now in this sweltering cabin!

Sooty, since you were suffering at Q head, and the KGS coaches haven’t sent us any results, could you text us with any KGS wins, and also details of how the KGS girls’ crews did – who beat them, who they beat, and roughly by how much? Thank you!

Rod and Jo – enjoy your cruise to Costa Rica – if you could drop off a couple of pina coladas (I’m sure they’ll have plenty) and some fresh bread as you pass, that would be great, thanks.

Baz – thanks for joke re people on the plane (Rachel E, this can’t be repeated in a forum read by children, though…)

A4 supporters – Helen P, thanks for explaining who Jo Williamson is! Great to have you all with us!

Mary – thanks for letting us know you were joking about Tommy catching us – I know he’s a big guy, but we were worried!

CM, many thanks for your continuing encouragement – if we could have official DMG for day 54 that would be great, and I meant to say ages ago that we have been sporadically keeping power input numbers for you.

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