Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 26, 2012

Day 51: Less than 1000nm to go, at last!

4th attempt to get this blog up – it keeps showing as sent, but clearly isn’t getting through! Trying a different format…

8pm tues 24 – just taken 30 mins off in the sun to have a drink to celebrate (see picture I may manage to attach). Bit of a dispute about whether it is fewer or less than a lot still to go. Anyway, I have insisted on writing the remaining hundreds up on the cabin front to cross off, in hope. It is still a long, long way, alas. Some of you have asked for highlights: the whale we saw last night (H did get a photo) might be one, but really it is the messages that we get from the outside world each day. Especially from Lisa F who is being fantastic as our message centre, and Chris M who has been giving weather and technical advice like clockwork each day.

Various thanks – though like Tony Hart (kids of the 70’s…), we cannot show them all. Julian Davies gets the prize for the essay on a mars bar. Great to hear from people well-known to us by name mainly, such as Mike Rowan. Great encouragement from the Beech Boys who have seen all this for themselves, and the Lavericks too and for those who remind us how miserable the UK is. Well done to all those who helped raise a huge sum at the event last week, and Roland for updating us. Great to hear from Martin Leach too, and Nicky Wells, and Alison & David MacLachlan.

R for R crew are near finish I gather, amazing guys. More straightforward days like today (no freak weather, enough sun to charge batteries, no headwind or annoying side waves) and we will get there too sometime.

H’s hip is getting better through some application of point pressure and she will be back on blogs tomorrow – she is rowing now.


  1. H, T, DiDi, through 1000nm to go and looking good! Great to see you both with the little bottle of Moet, hope it was sweet and hit the spot! Was it calm enough for you to drink it out of the bottle without hanging on for dear life clutching the measuring jug? R2R on National News last night, they got a nice message from Lilibet and a great crowd on the quayside encouraging them in. Sure that you get all that too. Talking on the phone with Rosie about your adventure today, so brave and determined you are. Yes break it down now, you’re moving on bit by bit. May every day be a straight tail wind, clear skies and not too choppy then you’ll cross off those hundreds, lots of love and best wishes, JV

  2. Good to see you celebrating “waymark” on the waves with a drink! May the wind blow soon (at right strength) from a good direction.

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