Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 23, 2012

DAY 50 so nearly at a point so far from home

mon 23 jan 6pm – R writing again.

A quick boring blog. H has had a temporary slight problem with her hip, so long mails braced in the cabin are not comfortable, but she is still rowing ok. Today was again very mixed – stary clear night ,but drifting north annoyingly…again, followed by black clouds arriving with daybreak, drizzle and winds blowing us north….followed by that undulating oily calm sea…and now a more normal east wind and moderate seas. We are guessing the weather is a losing game, making mileage targets for the end of the day hard – let alone the ever-changing optimism and pessimism about getting to the other side. The last 500nm has been a stuggle…well done to the crews who have dealt rather better with this – the Row For Freedom girls I think had various water problems, but have now landed, as have the Corinthians, inc Tony, the oldest to cross?

Those sending messages via the Iridium website please do not bother putting in your e-mail, but please identify yourselves. I think it was Katharine Sely’s mum telling me about Weybridge Head, if so I hope I will hear more when back.

HELP – 1) anyone who can get hold of Jack Hurst, Jo H, Rod C, Dan or Rachael Beaumont – we are worried about the tax for our car which Dan is using. the tax runs out next week, there should be a DVLA letter at our house.

Help 2) please could any Yorkies pass on to Andy W and Tash that there is no way we will be back for their wedding, much to our frustration.

Sara Ray – HB for a couple of days ago – sorry we are late saying so.

That’s it for the mo, computer is dying and first sun for days only now feeding through to our main batteries….we just keep moving…slowly.


  1. Hi R&H – you’re doing great, it sounds really tough but you two have got the metal, we’re all so behind you both, in fact you are a regular discussion point – hey you’re quite famous !!!!! and yes we are in awe of what you’re doing and for such good causes Off for a mild paddle on the Thames, a mere snip compared to your epic adventure .. all bestest Sarah S KGSVBC

  2. Congratulations on still fighting on. You guys have achieved so much – I’m part jealous and part really really proud of you. Never give in, you are both incredible and will never regret this incredible journey. Love to both of you. Sandra x

  3. I have a feeling that Roddy & Jo might be away on holiday as Jo posted something on FB …. I’ll drop Roddy an email.
    Hope the wind changes and starts to give you a hand in the right direction – Judy

  4. Sorry about the delay to get back to you but I’ve been in touch with Dan and dropped the DVLA tax disc letter into his work and so he has it now.

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