Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 22, 2012

day 49 we hit the golf course

H has let R write the blog again. You can tell because it is shorter – I cannot sit up in cabin so I write with one hand whilst lying next to laptop. Surreal weather today – at 6am it was completely cloudless, so despite no moon there was starlight to row under. Yet by 9am when it starts to get light (we run GMT, but are a couple of time zones west) there were thick black clouds all around threatening to turn it into the storms of the past few days. Meanwhile the sea was oily flat and glimmering in the light. Luckily we rowed away from the cloud enough to only get intermittent drizzle and then a hot humid haze – the sea roughed up a bit earlier, but then became smoothly undulating like an urban golf course. It is nice to have a stabler boat for a day, and by the late pm we could finally even dry a few things like our towels. however it is slow and heavy,  into a slight headwind if anything, and still a lack of the famous equatorial current, but it is progress unlike the few days before. We’ll get there eventually, maybe! Just a while after all the others – Patience is flying ahead of us now James and Bertie have some decent oars. Atlantic Dash finished yesterday amazing result in a wooden boat like ours – well done fireman Jamie and John – do look at their website everyone and check what the “dash” is about, it was not supposed to be their speed (they swore they would be at the back with us!)
Many thanks to all those who have messaged recently – we need your loyalty over the next few tough weeks. A few quick answers: Steinitz famous puzzle – the answer is that the ten square numbered doors will be open, when I finally thought about it. Charlotte – have not tried yours yet. Lisa and Chris you are both brilliant at supplying the information that we were about to ask for, please keep it up. Thanks to the various KGS rowers who keep telling us how cold it is – hope there are some OK exam result too for the 5th form. Thanks to my parents and Cree for brilliant poems and songs. Great to hear from AML in Aus and from Tony Mitchell (I keep thinking of you when iIthink how much more comfortable our “row every river” project would be), and Rog for your wise words.
Any more news of the recovery boys? Gather they have even got mentioned by Jeremy Clarkson?!

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