Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 21, 2012

day 48wet

sat 21st jan 19:40 R
Brief blog from me for a change. We are still fine, even though you may have noticed a lack of progress towards Barbados. The weather has been more Cumbria than Caribbean. 48 hrs of black skies and heavy downpours and winds pushing us every way except south or west.  Have been cramped together in cabin for much of the time, but each foray outside brings dampness in and we are desperate for a drying day. Rain has abated a bit this evening and the wind dropped so we have made some forward progress after a lot of being pushed around in circles. Frustrating indeed, not even at the 1000m mark as more crews finish. More Harry Potter is one distraction. R.


Land Ed – Some of you may have bought the Saturday Telegraph today and seen the Barbados supplement? It certainly looks stunning and hopefully H&R can enjoy some of the delights in about a months time – just in time for H’s birthday?

Calmer conditions are forecast in the next 24/48 hours. Most of the weather looks as though it is the Tigertail end of the weather systems (hurricanes?) that begin off the East coast of America and have been hitting our shores since the New Year. Once 18N and 45W has been reached it looks as though DIDI will be beyond their influence. Here’s hoping.


  1. Hello Tigers, chins up, or would you rather be a Boston Head where the Sheffa’s race today. The Dam is full as a resuly every bit of wind becomes unrowable here. ‘Spect its a bad day on the water for you but at least claw hands will get a bit of respite. I think we Sheffa Tigers will have a bit of a dooo when you get to the 1000nm to go mark. We’re thinking and checking you out each and every day you’re out there. Sit tight and sit it out, nothing seems to be too much of a problem to you two, I’m sure some good rowing days are just on the horizon jx

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