Posted by: ericandlisafroggatt | January 20, 2012

Day 47 Whether the weather be good……

Not sure what the weather has been like with everyone else today, but in the Atlantic it has been WET. No really.

Early this morning the heavens opened and – in possible celebration to the firemen of Atlantic Dash completing the challenge – it was like a fire hose had been turned on and this lasted for a good few hours. It was the first real rain of the trip, with thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure. As a result, and much to their annoyance, TigerTeam decided that ‘discretion was the better part of valour ‘ and so much of the day has been spent inside, with only a few sporadic periods of rowing when the rain eased.

So to save getting all the electrical kit out in a dampish cabin, Helena left a somewhat ‘unamused ‘ voice message. Anyone who has been coxed by her would know the one I mean!!!!!!

With the para-anchor out and the wind again coming from the south, this has meant the northerly track of the orange dot today. Even when rowing the waves were coming 90 degrees to the boat and so not much fun.

Inside it has been a challenge too. The sea is still confused as to which direction it wants to come from, resulting in a slight indoor rollacoaster situation at times. They have been groaning at the jokes and continue to be mentally challenged by the various puzzles and chocolate bar questions. It has also given them time to read texts – which are still greatly appreciated and amazes both that people bother to think of them.

Ever practical H did have the following message for [car sitter] Dan’. “Please remind Dan that our car tax needs renewing at the end of the month….. I have given him instructions as to what he needs to do. He can liaise with [cat sitter] Jack if necessary”. How on earth she can remember something as mundane as that when it is a challenge for us mere mortals even with no ocean to row!!!!

The conditions are due to calm down over the next few days, but progress may be slow as a result. Still no real wildlife sightings to report, but they are optimistic their Wildlife Authorised Visitation Endorsement will be granted soon.

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