Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 16, 2012

Day 43: Celebrations!

Not particularly here on Didi, where it’s just been another day at the oars – rather calmer conditions than predicted, but still pretty sweltering, so we’ve enjoyed hearing from the KGS Senior Girls who had ice in their hair whilst training, and from Lydia in the alps.

However, there are 2 great celebrations today – first is the 11th birthday of Helena’s goddaughter Catriona – hope you had a great day! What was your best present? (Hope that joint Christmas/Birthday helicopter is still in one piece and hasn’t succumbed to your dogs or your sisters…) What kind of party do you have planned (or did you have last weekend)?

Second is the triumphant arrival of Atlantic 4 in Barbados – great row guys! We first met Adam, Ross, Greg and Higo (ARGH!) at Henley in July and have enjoyed their company ever since. Equally impressively they have raised £250,000 for spinal research – a cause particularly dear to them as one of the twins Ross and Hugo broke his back – which makes his achievement all the greater.

Chris M and Horse (you’re probably in Sierra Nevada?) – Toby from Box 8 did Americas cup with Greg Searle. Learned to row at an establishment that he was interested to hear from us just before the start what Gunny called it, but is more generally known as Bedford School.

Sorry to hear than now Row 2 Recovery have rudder issues – at least they don’t have quite as far to go as we did when we lost ours!

Charleses – thank you for your latest tube station quizzes, we’re just stuck on one: Next Step St Helena = Waterloo
Elementary my dear Watson – Baker Street
4 Cornered Philosopher – Russell Square
Seasonal Messenger = Angel
The Doll is Able = Barbican (nice!)

For all of those (E, I and Sandy, JV and others) who thought that the sea looked rough in the video of our rudder being changes – that was a calm day!

Laura Sparrow – thank you for painting us a murky ocean – did it have a little orange boat on it? Good news on the bean front, Claise. Must “plant” crop 3 tomorrow as ate the remains of crop 2 today. JV, there IS time, I fear, to grow a crop of radishes, but we lack soil depth!

Great news on boathouse fundraiser, Helen C, and thanks for the Joke Cath, as ever, plus Sooty, I knew we could rely on you – actually surprised it’s as much as 3ft! Glad the new job is going better than your ability to get a straight answer out of Tanni Naomi, does that mean I still get to keep my seat despite serial not turning up?

Good luck to the J15s for their 30min ergs on Weds – do send us the scores!

Joe Oldak – good to hear from you – the attractions of 12 Lac Lemans would be that at least we could have a nice 3 course meal and a shower after each one! Would give anything for some of those prawns on skewers they did so well at the pre-event drinks party, just now! But hopefully it will never seem quite so long again (still trying to persuade Stephane to allow a Masters Women’s event…)

Mel – that is the chance of a lifetime – you can have Julys off for the rest of your life – wow, performing at opening and closing ceremonies! I’m just hoping I’ll get to work in Bag Drop (which is cool as you get to meet athletes).

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