Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 15, 2012

Day 42: 26 Minutes!

We are just in awe of Box Number 8 and Andrew Brown’s achievements in finishing so fast and a mere 26 mins apart. Poetic justice that B8 win the race and Andrew gets a world record. It’s hard enough out here without having to push yourself that hard and race another crew!

No doubt Sooty can tell us how close this would equivalently be for a) the HoRR or b) a 2k race?

As forecast, rough again today and the same forecast for tomorrow before it drops down again a bit. But rough conditions are also fast, so you win some you lose some.

One side effect of being further south at last is that it’s HOTTER. This is particularly evident in the afternoon when the sun is past its zenith and as we’re pointing due west, it means it shines directly in the cabin door, so it’s not pleasant for the person resting at that point. But it’s another sign that we’re in the right place, so you can’t complain really, although Mandy’s tales of running over frozen furrows sound rather attractive to us sweltering out here!

Thanks to Louise C for her surd joke on a chocolate!

Baz, oh jokemeister, if there are 6 eggs in a basket and 6 people each take one, could it be that there is one left in the basket because the last person took the basket as well as the egg?

Great to hear from Heff, Beech Boys, Roger G, K&D, Tonbridge (thrilled you’re so proud…).

Mel – has there been any actual confirmation that R2R have got their water? We do worry about them.

JV – we didn’t think to have a party for half way – too late now as we’re definitely NOT going back – how about we have one for 1knm to go? I would like to invite dolphins, gentle whales, a turtle, and Roger’s friends the Zeal family – we don’t have any fishy followers at all yet, though a flyer did land in the footwell last night (this has become R’s job to remove, much like mice brought into the bedroom).

Sabrina – really pleased to hear from you as we’d been thinking about you. Really hope that you have got to the root cause – all we can say is that the journey you have been on metaphorically is a lot longer and harder than the one we’ve done so far, and at least we know what we need to do to complete ours. Was also thinking, have you talked to Hair Bear to confirm the advice you’re getting is sound? I know it’s not quite his field, but it’s the same farm.

UTRC women – has the 8 got out yet? Have you assembled the 14 or so people it will require to keep it going 😉

Dan – good idea about BS-P – will work that one in!


  1. Think R2R have water now but broken rudder like you had! Aurora is trying to mend it. Great night at Pembroke Lodge on Friday. Loads of money raised. I was addicted to the website last night! It was such an amazing last few hours with continuous updates and SO close at the finish. Now you’re over halfway! We must get an update from Sheena on Martin’s spreadsheet. Keep going! HelenCxx

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