Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 14, 2012

Day 41: Half way at last!

At last we’re here, but we’ve been so close for so long that there’s not quite the feeling of triumph that we had hoped for. Also, it is VERY rough today – possible not the worst we’ve had, but no fun and of course we don’t have Angus the Autohelm operating any more (we might yet find a way of fitting him to the top of our new rudder, but it’s not terribly likely).

Delighted to hear that Box 8 and Andrew Brown are so nearly there  – we can’t believe how close it has been, and also that R2R are about to get their water resupply.

Great to hear from Nick Moore’s 2 sisters, Sheffas, Katy Knowles, the Lavericks, Tonbridge and Psyche. Father and Elisabeth – hope all is well with you?

Val Thorens sounds rather attractive, Eric!

Chris – thanks for update on NOW team – Torpedalo had hoped to cross this year, but the boat couldn’t be made in time, I think. Many thanks to Chris AND Lisa for reading our minds for the info we want (what a super campaign by John Beeden too). Maybe one of the maths teachers at one of the schools would be interested in some tutoring, Lisa?!

And many thanks to our neighbour Alison for letting us know about the sad passing of our “joined on” neighbour Michael – a quiet and gentle man if ever there was one, and it’s been lovely living next door to him for the last 4 years.

Sheena – Very little phosphorus, no meteorites, sunrises and sunsets usually occluded by a cloud curtain that hangs around the horizon. No real cravings though we’re keen to get back to places that don’t move all the time, and much too tired for great insights! Sorry!

Rog – I thought I’d posted a poor solution to the anagram ages ago – sorry, it’s a bit rough to look it all up now.

We’re now going to put a drogue out over the bows to keep the boat into the waves overnight – otherwise she will lie ahull. Chris – when you said you wouldn’t recommend this, did you mean while we weren’t rowing, or did you think we were trying to do it whilst also rowing?

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