Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 13, 2012

Day 40: Ocean Strategy

In a recent report, we revealed that the traditional smooth running of The Atlantic Ocean plc (Canaries to Caribbean Route) had been disrupted by independent wave consultants attempting rapid implementation of initiatives operating at right angles to the organisation’s usual direction. In addition, it has come to the attention of the board that touts posing as employees have been leading customers astray with low-value-added excursions, and inappropriate Winds have been found on the premises (as well as in Miss Rudkin’s Year 11 class).

As a result, the board has decided that a complete strategic review is needed, and have called upon renowned strategy consultants Brine McWhisky to lead this work. They have completed the following SWOT analysis of the ocean:

Strengths: Substantial infrastructure assets, including a large hole in the planet and an awful lot of water, with appropriate sea mounts, and continental shelves.
Weaknesses: The organisation is totally production-led not customer-driven.
Opportunities: Other oceans are similarly operating as if the seven seas are a command economy.
Threats: Plastic bags.

They therefore recommended that the organisation be split up so that it can focus on its core competence of delivering boats from East to West, whilst leveraging resources, and maximising return for stakeholders (more on these later).

Phase 1 of this brilliant new plan will involve separating infrastructure from operations. The provision and maintenance of a suitably stocked hole full of water will become known as SailTrack, whilst the operation of waves across this will be run by a number of WOCs (Wave Operating Companies). Initially, the only WOC will be C2C (Canaries to Caribbean), but in due course, the opportunity to run the route will be put to competitive dingy. I mean tender.

Keep following this blog for further developments!

Back to the rowing – today started at about 5am with R leaving the cabin to start rowing and being “surprised” to find a large whale just surfacing for air right next to the boat! It then did its second appearance not much further away before disappearing (we didn’t have any music on at the time, Rog). Wow, but also scary!

Great to hear from everyone again – Baz, the breadth of your joke repertoire is truly astonishing – from seagulls to Large Americans to orchestras all in 2 texts!

Cath – loved the tomato one.

Hi to Simon G, JV, Mandy, Ian H-G, KJG, Beech Boys (love your random facts), Sooty, and Mel, you’re becoming such an excellent rowing statto. Well done Helen for keeping the OARS levels up. Ed, how COULD you suggest that! Rog, no, no dipping yet – too ruff!

It’s got increasingly rough today which is good for mileage, and we’re pleased to say that the new rudder is working really well. We’d probably rather it didn’t get any rougher, but is forecast to do so for the next 3 days before dropping back. All the excitement is with the thrilling finish between Box 8 and Andy Brown – and the resupply of R2R! Also, thanks to Row 4 Freedom for their nice texts.

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