Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 12, 2012

Day 39: The North Wind Doth Blow…

(somewhat unexpectedly) and we shall have … unprecedented amounts of progress south!

Not all of you will be aware what a momentous point we passed through today, but those in the know about Canaries to Caribbean routing will know that the magic line of 20 degrees North is highly significant, because the trade winds and the North Equatorial Current (which moves E to W) are generally never found above this line. Plan A had been to get to 20 N at about 25 W, and here we are at 37W, but better late than never. Hope everyone is clapping his hands, JV! (Am loving your NY bitter chocolate at the moment, by the way.)

A couple of days ago H had a chocolate bar from her rowing friend Sara, which had a photo on it of a cycle path sign apparently sticking out of the water (taken during floods in Bedford, we think). So what we’d like to find now is a nice wiggle North Equatorial Current sign sticking up out of the water, please.

We are desperate to get past half way before the front-runners finish – wow, what amazing campaigns they have conducted! We MIGHT just make it, though not sure. In the last race, the last crew (a solo) was at half way when the first one finished.

It’s been a bit breezier today than yesterday so less sweat running down our faces, but R was rowing topless before dawn nonetheless.

Many thanks for all messages again today, from the regulars whom we rely on, but we also enjoyed hearing from you, Jean-Guy – it’s lovely to have a surprise too! And thank you for your kind words. Also Hello to Carlos from Armas!

Mel – re your Ticketmaster thing, the crew Atlantic 4 does contain what will hopefully be the first pair of twins to row an ocean!

Chris M – sadly, our DMG of 0nm for day 37 is correct – we actually went round in a circle initially N on para anchor and then E, and then we rowed back again, but noon to noon, DMG really was bagel city, sadly.

Lisa – all your info is just wonderful, thank you so much! Hope you’re really enjoying your “part” in “theatre”.

Rachel T – my guess is 1243, and R’s is 1096 (can’t believe the number of Ts&Cs you got into 160 chars).

Bit of a short blog tonight as we’re quite knackered from rowing in the heat (plus the emotional trauma of Sirius just having died in book 5 of Harry Potter which reached its denouement just now on the iPod).

But, keep watching for new developments from The Atlantic Ocean plc coming soon!

And we hope that the big fundraiser for the development of the KGS Boathouse tomorrow evening goes really well! (Incidentally, R says thanks to the Head for her message on a chocolate yesterday.)


  1. i have missed a few days of following updates of your adventures so am so impressed to see you are nearly half way…congratulations and good luck for the remainder which i hope is mostly downhill

  2. We are clapping our hands at you getting through the 20N line! You seem to be making better progress now! Amazing row to the line for the 1st two boats – it’s SO addictive to follow. Looking forward to your next blog which I will probably pick up after Pembroke Lodge tonight!
    Go DIDI!!

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