Posted by: ericandlisafroggatt | January 8, 2012

Day 35: Of Angus, Aurora and the sub-editor.

Sorry for the late blog today. I had managed to work out how to remotely access home voice mail whilst on placement in case Helena needed me to ‘fill in’ for some reason, but had not banked on her doing so on my first night away! As with most other OARS sufferers I have been regularly checking in this evening. Then the lightbulb moment came about half an hour ago and I rang home to check the voice mail!!

So what have our two salty sea cats been getting up to today?

The main highlight was a visit from Aurora with kit to fix the rudder/autohelm connection. Afraid I am not the engineer in the family and so cannot enlighten you more on exactly what the issue has been. Hopefully H will do so in due course.

What it does mean though is that steering is being restored and progress should be “full steam to Barbados”. I understand that there was an article in the Sunday Times today about the Challenge, so if anyone can save a copy for H&R please do so.

If you haven’t already seen it, and have access to Facebook, Land Team Chris has put a vimeo link on the Tiger Team Facebook page to a video taken by a relation of Team Facing the Atlantic. They were given some oars salvaged from the Go Commando boat yesterday and so should be close by H&R for the second half of the journey . It covers the start day and features all the teams – from getting to the marina, pushing off and the start itself. It is well worth a watch, but have tissues ready……The cameraderie of all the teams really comes across.

The front-runners are within a week or two of completing the Challenge, with a second group a few weeks after that. At the moment DIDI is on for a Mid-February finish. We will be having a “guess the finish day/total time taken” competition and I believe H&R have a bottle of Taliskers for the closest. So get your thinking caps on as there will be a closing date for entries during the first week of next month.

And to give you some idea of how big DIDI ‘isn’t’ – if you did not get to see her in person before the trip, see the photo below. So next time you are out in a single scull or see one on a river near you………..

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