Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 6, 2012

Day 33: Good weather is like a carrot

…and we’re a donkey. I don’t mean that its bright orange (although we’ve seen some super sunsets and sunrises – the shepherds round here just don’t know what to think as there are usually red skies both at night and in the morning), but more that it always seems one step ahead. For instance, the wonderfully detailed 4-day rolling weather forecast we get from Land Team Chris every morning suggested that today would involve 13-18knot winds, and seas of 8-11 feet. But by the time we got to today, it had been pushed out again by the sneaky meteorologists (who are the equivalent of the stick that the carrot is attached to) to 15-20kts and seas of 8-12 ft. Not much different, but it’s a bit insidious as it keeps happening!

Incidentally, for those who have suffered from OARS for a long time, or have read the book “A little goes a long way”, the independent consultant waves I described yesterday are the equivalent of Tiny Little’s “Matrons”.

However, we have finally started our onboard gardening – bean sprout seeds are soaking in the corner of the cabin ready for transfer to the sprouter tomorrow – we’re definitely not short of dark, damp warm places for them to grow on round here, though the trick will be keeping salt water away from them!

Good luck to all 5th years at KGS who are spending this weekend doing their final revision for their mocks starting on Monday.

Many thanks for some really great messages today:

First of all, MASSIVE thanks to Alice Cornell and her colleagues at ReturnPath for what the land team tell me is a VERY generous donation to the Huntington’s Disease Association. It’s always been a pleasure to work with you, and I’m just so touched at your support (not forgetting messages and the chocolate bars too!) for my out of work crazy activities.

Also thanks to:

Stansfield Young – yuk! (but funny)
Lydia – good limerick. Cath and Steph HG – loved them.

Also thanks to Geraint and someone else who was concerned that we might not be having enough vitamins after yesterday’s blog.

And to Atlantic 4 supporter – delighted you’re enjoying it all – will try to keep it up! You’re very astute.

Thanks for your messages KJG and Mary Hodson too!

Heff – I broke my wrist ices skating at Christmas a couple of years ago, so perhaps we should all conclude from this that we’re better working with water when it’s in its liquid form. R says “how on earth did you, me and WILL ever get down to weight for that Lwt 4- in 2005, looking at us now?!”

Lisa – you’re being completely fab – thanks for working with Mel on photos without going through me, and also for messaging Tommy for his new departure.

Chris M – you are the first non-northern rower I’ve heard of who has got Olympic rowing final tickets. I’m hoping I will get to see some as a volunteer.

Sally – sorry that we’ve disappointed you. Possibly it’s largely our lack of knowledge of old money! We still have 3 to get, and as many followers seem interested in joining in (thanks to everyone who explained about the nicker and previously the crown), here is the first of the remaining 3 – the answer has to be expressible as a sum of money in LSD. The remaining 3 all add up to 6 pence farthing (I think). “Part of a Gorilla’s leg”

You also mentioned that we’re great for school talks – do you mean that we’re being subject matter for some kind of “show and tell” thing that Max and Katie have to do? Wow!

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