Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 4, 2012

Day 31 – Owls and Gowls (Goals)

As we mentioned in a previous blog, we have the entire Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry on the iPod (which has waterproof deck speakers), and we’re working our way through them. As a result, we’ve become a bit Hogwarts-ised, and somehow started referring to texts on our sat phone as “owls” as in “I’ll check the morning owls” or “Any more interesting owls com in?”. Maybe OWLs in this context are Ocean Wave Letters? Hope no-one considers this a sign we’re losing it.

H has also listened to “The curious incident of the dog in the night time” recently – has anyone else read it? Quite unusual, though a story that kept you going.

Anyway, back to owls and gowls (or goals). I know that “New Year’s Resolutions” are a bit of a questionable concept, and are usually forgotten about by mid January – there is, of course, no reason why you shouldn’t set yourself a goal at any time of year! However, since people often see time out on their hols to think of these things, has anyone clarified any “dreams” they want to “do” (bearing in mind our boat is called Dream It Do It)?

They don’t have to be sporting, but there should be GOOD reasons why you want to work towards achieving them. We’re so wrapped up with 1 single goal at the moment, that we’d love to hear about other people’s wider perspectives!

Many thanks to Land Team Lisa for letting us now that we’re now over 50% of our total charity target despite not even being half way across. So a massive thank you to all of YOU for donating. St Mungo’s sent us a HNY text today which was lovely of them – such a worthwhile charity to support, as is the Huntington’s Disease Association.

Congratulations to my cousin Ruth on the birth of her son Lucas!

And thank you for messages/donations with messages (which the land team pass on to us) from Lesley Storer, Lydia, The Nash and Holford families, Yoshiko in Japan, John D, Helen C re the pouring rain, GBVoni, Christine Moritz, and Vincent (you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what it’s like doing this day after day!).

Hancocks, I’ve been trying to solve your Pounds, shillings and pence puzzle today. Still working on it (too young to remember how much a crown is) – loved the “sick sea creature” being £6.

Judith, many thanks for the facts on the storm petrels – which are also known as Mother Carey’s Chickens, right? Still wondering where/how they sleep?

Have seen a couple of flying fish bursts, but in the distance, and haven’t even seen the “John Major” fish (the beige and grey one) under the boat for the last few days.

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