Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | January 1, 2012

Day 28: Happy New Year!

Thank you all SO much for all your lovely New year messages. Please forgive if we don’t thank everyone individually here, but special mentions go to F &E – love the idea that you are plotting our progress graphically twice a day, though I thought you were rather better at maths than “we are nearly half way” – there’s a good week to go before that and a week’s a long time at sea!

Many thanks to all members of the Froggatt family, finishing up with Richard, for getting our clothes from La Gomera back to R’s parents in Tonbridge!

K – glad, you are, er, pleased with getting new mudguards from your husband for Christmas…

Lovely to hear from Martin Leach and the larger than ever Laverick Clan!

Jack – sorry that Burglar alarm has been giving you hassle – it is a mystery to us and we never use it. Tanni would surely miaow aggressively at intruders?

Today has been, guess what – rough! But sunny, so the batteries are happy. R’s chin was, guess what – rough! So he has trimmed it a bit (thanks for advice, Norman). Shame we can’t trim the ocean. Dan, have you grown a beard in sympathy?

Well done the Sheffa and Greens gang for being about on our mileage – at least we have a tailwind!

Wildlife bit – ocean rowing boats often report fish following them, but it’s been too rough to see if we have picked up any yet. But today, we threw a tissue overboard and immediately noticed a c. 10 inch fish, grubby white or beige with dark grey fins and tail, trying to nibble it. Not as pretty as the Zeal family that followed Rog across, though. Any suggestions as to what it might be?

And finally today, congrats to R’s colleague Carl and also to Sarah Springman for their honours in the Queen’s New Year’s list!

Coming soon – catch up on catches!


  1. Happy New Year to you both and carry on with your great effort. All the very best. Tom

  2. Just tuned in my TV to an obscure channel on Sky. Called PBS, Ch 166. They are giving full coverage of the Ward Evans 2005 Atlantic Rowing Race! Oh boy how it takes me bak to our race in ’97! Wonderful times ahead of you both out there! Yes. I am still jealous of you. Enjoy it guys.
    Roger G

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