Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 28, 2011

Day 24: You are my sunshine

Today was about as windy as yesterday, and whilst this gives a rough ride, we were thrilled to get our highest daily DMG as a result. Don’t think it’s all us rowing like crazy, though – it really IS the wind, mostly!

This is a v.short blog owing to laptop power issues (poss H didn’t turn it off properly last night), but at least it’s been sunny so boat batteries are feeling better and water tank replenished today.

Many thanks for all messages – good to hear about the Christmas presents – brings the real world to us out on the ocean. Kindles, electric screwdrivers with corkscrews, bread bins, Hugh Fearnly-Thingy cookbooks.

GOOD TO HEAR THAT JOHN WILL BE IN TONBRIDGE FOR new Year – thought you meant New York initially.

rOG – AM WORKING ON YOUR LATEST CHALLENGE. cHARLESES = lOVE YOURS – dO SEND SOME EACH WEEK IF YOU CAN (to space out the fun). SOrry about caps lock mess there.

Wildlife bit – first flying fish landed on deck last night. Tiny, but very pretty midnight blue with transparent wings and matching blue tips. Also very dead.

On the 4th day of Christmas, the Ocean gave Didi, 4 tiger t-shirts etc etc (we get a clean one each at half way).
More tomorrow!


  1. Hi there H & R! Love the snow on this blog page! Feel somewhat guilty for not having got on here sooner – but I do check your “posts” every day 🙂 Can’t believe how well you’re coping – the closest I have to compare to this is 7 days on Kili without a shower! But I’m definitely more adventerous for it and would love to do some more outdoorsy expeditions…so have got myslef involved with the next one in 2013, along with Neil, and we’re going to Peru. Can’t wait…and I can speak the lingo there – bonus.
    My Christmas was pretty traditional, this year spent most of it at my sister’s in Reading/her in-laws and then back for Boxing Day at my parents in Hersham. Today’s the first day I feel I’ve done less…but still met a friend for coffee, treated myself to a Le Creuset casserole – with part of my tax rebate, hurrah! – just baked some festive flapjack (loads of nuts and dried fruit and will then be dipped in chocolate!) and about to embark on making some soup. But as we females do, I’ve been multi-multi-tasking! So a worthwhile interuption to veg prep was posting something on your blog at last.
    A lot of my xmas pressies involved running gear from Sweaty Betty as have signed up for Reading Half Marathon, and need something to keep me in shape. Unfortuantely neglected training most of December due to school work overload, but getting back into it now…tomorrow will be Molesey Lock to Walton R.C. which is about 12k and takes about an hour – maybe more tomorrow as it will be the first time in over a month!
    Probably bored you enough for now…”keep rowing”! – a la Bruce and Tess from Strictly Come Dancing 🙂

  2. Hi Helena and Tricky,

    I love reading your posts each day. I am happy to hear your positivity as you progress through this adventure.

    Since Edmonton is in Alberta, our provincial neighbour directly to my west, and they are our rivals for flatwater racing, I do need to learn how I too can find this virus called OARS.

    Helena, I recall when I was training in York for an outing you putting into context a typical 18k session vs. ocean rowing. I am now finding myself using such an example to the kids I coach as they are about to start month three of six months of erging. The water here is a bit unrowable due to a foot of ice on virtually all 100,000 Saskatchewan lakes.

    I am admirably a fan of this adventure you are on.

    Garett Mathiason
    Provincial Head Coach
    Saskatchewan Rowing Association

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