Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 27, 2011

Day 23: What did the dog say when it saw the ocean?


Which it certainly became fairly rapidly today. Easterly with a bit of southerly, so the nice southerly progress you saw yesterday has largely turned due west again. Hey ho, at least it’s not a BAD direction to be going in!

Land Team – please can you text us what Longitude Njord and Patience are on? We think they are South of us?

Mel – fab if you could download the Dr Who Special for R and yes please to Sherlock as well! Not sure I even knew there WERE 17 kinds of sausage.

Hello to everyone in Quinton Road!

Wildlife bit – today saw a totally new kind of bird – about the size of a very large seagull, pretty much totally white, with quite bulbous head and long beak. Long tail. Could this be a tropic bird in this location? To small and not quite majestic enough for an albatross, sadly. Or maybe just some kind of gull/tern?

Surprise news – H unexpectedly found her socks today, so the whole option for hanging these up for Santa has re-opened. And we’ve had an idea for a Sleigh landing pad, so Linda/Catriona – please could you remind us what date Russian Orthodox Christmas is and we might see if we could get a visit from Grandfather Frost?

Hello to the Goulds and Ian F!

And finally, we’ve been working on the following over the past couple of days, but may need your help to complete – post suggestions up on the blog as comments!

On the 3rd day of Christmas the Ocean gave Didi, 3 sets of blades (very robust ones)
On the 2nd day of Christmas the Ocean gave Didi, 2 clean, dry towels (in our dreams)
On the first Day of Christmas the Ocean gave Didi, a 10 knot North Easterly (also in our dreams)

Weather forecast was that wind today would peak at 20kts. Max wind speeds for the next 3 days are 23, 25 and 26, so forgive us if blogs are brief or phoned through. It’s been cloudy all day so batteries are not in a great state and power priorities are the watermaker and autohelm rather than laptop charging (though it should have 2-3 more days in it).

Hope you’re all enjoying the sales! No one has told us what they got for Christmas….


  1. On the 4th day of Christmas the Ocean gave Didi, 4 dry socks (one for each foot)

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