Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 23, 2011

Day 19: What’s like half an orange?

The other half. Thanks, Heff. Knew we could rely on you.

And many thanks to Cath, Charlotte, Catriona and Baz for more in a similar vein. We find these funny so you can see what a state we’re in, and no alcohol is involved!

Special mention to Catriona (aged 10) for the following excellent limerick which is frighteningly accurate:

There once was a rower called Tricky
Who found his berth a bit sticky
He rowed through the night
With all of his might
By daybreak his socks were quite iffy

Wildlife bit – Mel, I’m still holding out that they were sailfish – if I’d said 10cm for the fin, I’d meant 10 inches. Interestingly, the company that services our water-maker  (which is working beautifully thanks, Jim) is called Sailfish Marine – the thing I saw’s fin looked just like his logo…

May also have seen a manx shearwater today.It didn’t seem as interested in us as the storm petrels. And a fish jumped about a couple of times. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to amuse us..Judith, thanks for the professional input on bird rings being called bling in the trade – unfortunately all said birds have had their undercarriages up so it’s impossible to tell if they’re blinged or not.

Delighted to hear that a localised epidemic of OARS has broken out in Tonbridge – hi to the Inds and Kings! And to K&D pasing through on their way to infect France.

And thanks for the words of appreciation from an Atlantic 4 supporter! And useful info gleaned from other blogs by Lisa.

We were also delighted to get a message from St Mungo’s, one of the charities we’re supporting, today. They kindly said “keep up the great work” – all we can say in reply to them is “YOU keep up your great work” – so important always, and especially at this time of year.

Oh, and as for how we’re getting on, seas have been rather rubbish again today – waves from 2 directions, and wind from slightly south of east which is why we’ve struggled to go S much today. But Chris’s excellent forecasts (how the man can pack so much info into 160 chars is a lesson to Michael Fish!) suggest improvements in direction and strength for the next 3 days, so we’ll have some of that, thanks.

Beard report, as promised – R says he can see his moustache if he looks down. It is a piratical black colour, although apparently the salt has made a few hairs grey.No other reason. Pix Will follow, but it’s such a palaver hooking the camera up in this rock ‘n’ roll weather, that I’m afraid this will have to await another day (plus ensuring he’s wearing shorts in any such pics).


  1. Hi again! Love all the corny jokes! You are so clever thinking of that acronym OARS. I thought about it for ages and gave up! But it’s obviously an infectious disease…………even with much of today being taken up on Christmas shopping I’ve still managed about 10 visits to the site and also played the ‘Merry Christmas’ from you all with all the messages and Jingle Bells on the beach (we couldn’t see you two though). Regarding direction – you look about spot on course – right in the line of the bulk of boats. Can you see it too? Probably not – so relying on your support team to tell you. Can’t believe JJ is doing so well on his own!
    Well it’s just past midnight so officially Christmas Eve. Keep going – I’m still relying on winning the bet with Emma and Louise about where you’ll be on Christmas Day!
    Love from Helen

  2. Merry Christmas, to you both. Row Row your boat gently down the stream! Bless. Alan xx

  3. This was so never going to fit into 160 characters, so I’ll leave it here for them to see later 😉

    With apologies to the Pogues. (And to the English language.)

    It was Christmas Eve
    In the cabin
    H turned and said to R
    “What are we doing here?
    We should be warm at home
    With cat and Christmas tree
    Instead we’re mid-ocean,
    Rowing in Didi.”

    It seemed a fun idea
    Around this time last year
    Two thousand miles or more
    Not so far really
    But now we’re on our way
    On oars every day
    Atlantic’s really big —
    and we’re quite teeny.

    There are waves big as cars
    There are sunsets of gold
    But the salt gets right into
    Places we weren’t told
    When I first set to row
    It was easy to see
    They told me Barbados was waiting for me.

    We’ve cheddars, we’ve peanuts,
    And Tricky’s got sea… um…
    The food’s dehydrated but everything’s wet
    The waves they keep breaking, our arms won’t stop aching,
    I’m glad it’s for charity and not on a bet!

    The carols from KGS’s choir
    Keep us going on our way
    And tomorrow we’ll sing along on Christmas day…

  4. Can’t compete with original poetry but sending my favourite Christmas cracker joke in today’s paper, slightly amended for H & T: Why was Cinderella so bad at rowing? Her coach was a pumpkin

    Keep going, Liz and Lawrence xx

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