Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 17, 2011

Day 13: In the foothills of the Himalayas

No, it’s OK, we haven’t suffered such severed gps malfunction that we’ve navigated inland…. but the seas today really do look lik  those endless shots of higgldypiggldy hills stretching as far as the eye can see taken from planes. We got a weather text from the organiser today saying winds could max at up to 30kts – we have no anemometer, but could believe it. So much of today has once again been “sailing” (no sail, but the windage on the cabin).

How DO babies get to sleep better in rocking cradles, I wonder, when we find the motion has positively the reverse effect?!

H still suffering from lack of appetite, but R managed to spoon feed her sweet and sour pasta whilst she was steering this afternoon. Many thanks to our neighbours Martin & Sally who gave us a bag of mini cadbury’s caramels just before we left – these bite-sized chocs have proved SO convenient in this rough weather when there isn’t time to stop rowing/steering to eat a whole mars bar, say.

Rog – I got it in the end: Odd Good King I Oil – Looking Good Didi!
Baz – if you send jokes like that I will KNOW they’re from you. But yo u need 2 txt spk like a yoof.
Martin H – Our Angus is like your guide dog puppy walking Angus – he helps us take the right route. He does not wee on the hall floor, though.
Horse – hope you’re having a good trials weekend.

And finally – very best wishes to Laura and Henry on their wedding day!


  1. That orange dot is moving well. I’m totally addicted to the website – pushing the rest of the family out of the way to get to the computer many times each day! It’s very cold here today – a heavy frost overnight. Do hope the winds die down a bit – although seems like you are making such good progress with them! Try to eat more, Helena! Nice to see you in 13th place now!! love, Helen (and all the Cooks) x

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