Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 16, 2011


Guess what we’ve been doing today. No, not much rowing actually, but lots of surfing and sailing (of sorts). This morning dawned a lot more like the forecast than yesterday (which was possibly slightly under what was forecast) with big, big rolling swells mainly from ENE, often breaking on the top and with some other ones in from a more southerly direction occasionally. R valiantly rowed for an hour whilst foot steering, but we must admit that our river steering-style foot steering doesn’t really work with a 20kg rudder when you’ve got heavy following seas with their own idea about which way the said rudder should go…

So H took over doing what she does most often – steering by hand! And as she was making well over 2kts, there didn’t seem much point in rowing too as this would lead to a much less accurate course and therefore much the same effect. With regular surfs over 5kts down waves, you should have seen the orange dot progressing well today! Thanks for your nice comments about our progress F&E.

So, school term has ended and you’ll all be heading for the shops this w/e – we’re glad to be missing the queues, but if you’re fed up waiting at any point, it could be worse, you could be waiting till Tuesday for some calmer weather. 10kts, Santa please, would be ample!

Great to hear that maths class 4d have been getting progress upates at the start of every lesson, Helen!

And cool to hear from you, horse. Nope, haven’t heard from Will. I have often thought of you training since we started and am quite sure yours is much harder and tougher BUT we are jealous that you get a shower after each session. And we probably only have as much kit between us here as you did in York… I’m afraid I did enjoy your joke about the seal.

Mel – apols for maligning you on the long jokes – I think Baz was actually the culprit. And thanks for sorting Pemb.

Thrilled to hear that 2 tigers were present at City of Sheff RC fancy dress circuits this week!

Heidi – have got all of your xmas teasers apart from the 2nd half of the one that starts All I want for Christmas…..

Rog – will get on to yours when the boat stops rocking and rolling – she is a marvellously strong ox which loves to stay upright, though, thank you!

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