Posted by: ericandlisafroggatt | December 16, 2011

The zen dog…….sorry Tanni

Friday 16th December 2011 18:30

300nm miles gone and R & H have now entered ‘the Zen zone’.

Routines have been established and it is now just a matter of plugging away – row – eat – sleep – listen to audio books – read messages of support – row – eat – sleep…….. The weather might not quite allow for a smooth passage, but at least it is from a favourable direction still and the seas are ‘letting them pass’, as Helena has quoted before. Many of the crews are being pushed west sooner than they may have liked. It could be, that in the long run, those holding a more southerly course now may have a more straight forward run in the closer they get to the finish. The day temperatures are beginning to feel cooler, as they are at night, which is making it easier on R’s thermostat.

Good luck to all who are taking part in the GB Trials tomorrow and thanks to Helen Banks at YCRC for the card and title for today’s blog.


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