Posted by: ericandlisafroggatt | December 15, 2011

Today we are listening to…

Thursday 15th December 2011 18:30

Another day and another phone call – short, but sweet with H & R currently listening to ‘Life of Pi’ and the irony of this has not been lost on them.

It looks as though the windy conditions may continue into next week, but the waves are choosing to come from less directions at the same time now. H & R have not really done much through the night rowing yet as a result, preferring to wait for calmer seas. The latest video clip on the Talisker website gives some indication of the conditions all the crews are coping with and there are the occasional calmer periods. I can hear H chastising her future crews now for complaining about a little rough water on the Tideway.

No blisters or sores to report and Helena’s seasickness is more of less under control now. She knows she needs to keep her calorie intake up, but any tips on what she can think about to increase her appetite would be appreciated. This is actually quite hard for a naturally little coxed size person like her. Now the part where I apologise for any misspelt names and hope the individuals concerned know who they are.

 Mel – 72 years ago today may well have been the premier for “Gone with the Wind”, but H & R would prefer for the ‘Wind to be Gone’!

Heidi – the Christmas quiz has been started.

Cath Allway –the Police dog joke gave them the best laugh on the trip so far….. 

Zoe – could you please have another dream in which the sea is calmer and Helena has managed to wash her hair? She is NOT impressed with the ‘sea salt’ look.

Charlotte Richer – tell the boys to stop complaining about a piffling 12K outing.

David Booth at York, Michael Richardson and Tom Lee were also mentioned in dispatches.

A little brain teaser from Sir for the last day of term at KGS tomorrow. How many nautical miles will DIDI have gone come noon Christmas Day? Answers on a postcard please to:

Mr & Mrs R Smalman-Smith

Tiger Team boat

C/o The Atlantic

The answer will, of course, be included in the blog for that day and be taken from the Talisker website.


  1. Term just finished, Anthony off to Australia, thinking of you both. Here are our estimations: Helen: 612, Louise: 651, Emma: 673. Lots of love from the Maths department.

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