Posted by: ericandlisafroggatt | December 14, 2011

A voice from out of the blue….

Wednesday 14th December 2011 15:30

There was I minding my own business about an hour ago, finishing off the last of the terms assignments when the phone rang. “Hallo” says I…….silence……..”Oh, I was hoping to talk to your answerphone” says a very clear voice…..

And so started my brief conversation with Helena. Except for the slight delay the line was amazingly clear, considering she was in a clammy cabin several hundred miles off the west coast of Africa and the signal was probably bouncing off a satellite of Mars or some such (I am merely an operator of technical gadgets, an understanding of how they work is not a requirement).

She sounded amazingly cheerful and Helena-like. Given that current weather conditions look as though they will stay for a few more days yet, they have decided to save as much of their power as possible for Angus. In the changeable seas he has risen to his task admirably. This has allowed both H & R the small luxury of leaving the majority of the steering in his capable hands and being VERY glad they decided to invest in him.

They are really grateful for all the messages of support and encouragement and hoping for the calmer seas forecast for the weekend. With that in mind they will be thinking of Laura and Henry then and wish them well for their wedding on Saturday in case they cannot blog before hand.

 Below is a shot of Tiger Team after the start last Monday. Only just over a week ago and yet they now have less than 2300nm to Port St. Charles.



  1. Hi Richard and Helena,
    We are all glued to the website and tracking every move. 4D send their good wishes too – we have an update at the start of every lesson. Can’t believe they are just trying to delay me! Stay safe in the rough seas – you’re doing really well.
    Helen Cook xx

  2. Great to hear an update!Keeping fingers crossed for calmer seas. x x

  3. Thank you, Froggatts, from an old cousin of Helena’s – we are “following” them daily & it’s good to know you heard H’s cheerful voice an sent an update!

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