Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 13, 2011

Another rollercoaster day

This morning started with similar conditions to yesterday – fast, but somehow the boat stayed nicely perpendiculsr to swells – if she gets side on, you get a LOT of water over the sides.

But by mid morning it had freshened further – forecasts we’d had suggest it will stay much like this till at least Sunday. The toughest thing about these conditions is doing everything apart from the rowing – you don’t have enough hands to hold on, reach, open, grab food etc. – you need to be an octopus!

The Autohelm is fab in these conditions, but we haven’t got enough power to run it all the time.

I think that sentence got mangled – thanks for sorting lisa

A big yacht passed about 200m astern of us today heading west. Doing 10kts. 2 masts. Didn’t respond on VHF. How boring!

Please bear with us for more entertaining blogs till it is a bit calmer. Thanks for all msgs though….


  1. Every day I look at the sea and think of you guys – I only smile when it looks flat calm … and I hope it stays calm. All the best – Judy

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