Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 12, 2011

Wildlife at sea

Today we saw what has probaly been the first wildlife since we set off R thiinks he saw a bat the other evening but H is suspicious he didn’t mean a mmber of the pipistrel family)… Anyway, today’s highlight has been some storm perels – fast, flying low over the sea, and easily identifiable from Sarah’s laminated birds sheet – many thanks!

On the subject of wildlife, we learned some years ago rom our French rowing friend Vincent that the French call white capped waves “moutons” – te ones we call white horses. Today on the opcenic Field of Play (a sthe IOC like us to say) the populaton of mountons has been relatively sparse, but there have been some hefty ones galloping around in the distance – so big that I’m sure you could make sheepskin seat covers for the entire fleet (including spares). Ours are half an Ikea sheepskin each. Some crews seem to have got theirs pretty much from teh shearing shed. Hope they washed the sheep dip out of them first.

ANother rough night last night on drogue which just make sthe boat rock from side to side – it is SO grim in the cabin with both of us in there (hot humid, damp, cramped) so fingers crossed it will be calm enough to row for longer into the night tonight takiung turns.

Sorry about terrible typing – v.hard to see the screen in the cabin in the sun!

Chris – many thanks for passing messages on and yoru fabulously useful one about cloud cover predictions We don’t need to make water every day, but will on a sunny one if you tell us that it will cloudy for the following few.

Mel – many thanks for the jokes – we really appreciate yoru dedication! The way sat phone texts come through, though is randomly and spaced apart and we only turn the phone on a couple of times a day. SO please could you not send multipart ones as they are getting scrambled – 1 a day woudl be great! Ocean rowing’s all about pacing for all of us!

H brushed her hair for the 2nd time this trip this morning. Teeth have fared slightly better.

Rog – given the attention to detail you went into building this boat, I can’t understand why you forgot to install a washer-dryer. It really woudl be SO useful, you know…


  1. In South Africa now and going to Botswana tomorrow. Land locked, couldn’t be any different from you right now. Have you seen any mermaids yet? Rog fell in love with one! Tom

  2. Land team lovelies — would someone mind advising the intrepid ones that they must have more than one Mel sending them stuff…. the jokes aren’t mine! — Mel DH

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