Posted by: ericandlisafroggatt | December 10, 2011

Walton SBH & Xmas Pud races at KGS

Today Helena and Tricky will mainly be wearing their birthday suits and mentally taking part in both the Walton Small Boats Head & the Xmas Puddings races at Kingston Grammar School.

Not sure whether this will involve the actual course for Tricky or more the tow path as he ‘cycles’ alongside crews. I believe this will be the first time an attempt has be made to ‘take part’ in both events on the same day!!!

Please remember that each is also trying to raise the equivalent of £2.00 a mile of the straight line distance of the challenge for their selected charities. So with this in mind, if anyone is thinking of making a charity donation this year instead of sending Christmas cards then please consider Helena and/or Richards. You can donate through their website by clicking the right hand links or the CHARITY tab at the top. This latter also allows text giving if you are clued up enough on the delights of mobile communications.

For those who are avid watchers of the little orange dot, as at 16:02 today the guys are close to completing the first 100 miles off the official distance to finish. This will be less than the miles they will have actually rowed though.

Time for some audience participation now. The picture below was taken during sea trials in La Gomera. Captions please!


  1. “I thought you brought the satnav?”

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