Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 10, 2011

how can I turn my heater off?

Dec 10th 4 pm R

Hope walton SBH and Chrismas puudding rowing races went so well.Is is cold and miserable yet? Hot here, and very windy. Double seas – a swell from the N and rapid big fizzers from the E. Expected to be like this for next few days!
Rather hard to control boat.So soon put out hefty drogue rope and left boat to go its own way. Still a very rough ride, with frequent spray everywhere. probably slower progress than we could be making but it feeels safer, and atleast we are going in the right direction. . We are both basically cautious types. So why are we dong this? H was excited to get 6.4 knots down one wave, she claims.
! I cannot stop my body generating heat, and even at night I just sweat uncomfortably in the cabin. to keep important stuff dry, and to give a chance of being self-righting the doors cannot be left open – so the tiny amount of air in here just gets hotter, damper and smellier.

not yet managed much night rowing and so not done much for the choclate mountain. Advice from Chris and Eric again very appreciated.


  1. Jon and I spent 2 hours at BBQ in freezing weather today at xmas pud races. Loads of money raised! You are doing so well. Am addicted to watching orange dot. Keep going DIDI!

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