Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 9, 2011

going forward at last

fri 12 dec 8am R     (I think R has lost all track of the days! – Land ed)

Thanks to all the advice, we finally gave up going south and cut the hierro waymark a bit. it was great to be able to stop fighting the wind and waves as much. We are beginning to realise how good and stable the boat is, thanks rog. seas still what we would call difficult, even if true oceanrowers only like it more exciting. spent too long on drogue last night, making much better progress with not effort and a smoother ride when I finally pulled it in. all learning still.

We are still good but cursing life on board a bit. I am getting into a better eating regime, but both of us are dehydtated and H still queezy at times.
many thanks for messages – but please do not bother putting your e-mail addresses in – but please DO put your name at the end as web have a lot of guesswork going on at the moment.
useful wind today but still praying for conditions calm enough to do some general housework! rowing is fine, just everything else hard. For those inquisitive about these things, R went naked on butt day 2, and H has now followed. it was not really intentional, but seemed better that soggy shorts -anything that goes on deck gets soaked with sea spray so far. R


  1. Still glued to website many times each day to watch that orange trail! Glad to see making good progress now. Make sure that suncream goes on everywhere!!! Love from Helen Cook

  2. Hi there, it’s the land support Chris here. If you’d like to sent R and H a short message I can send it through to them. 160 characters please!

    The wind looks like it’s going to increase before it dies down but at least they’re able to make the most of it and get surfing some waves now they’re beginning to clear El Hierro!

    • Keep up the amazing work guys, we’re all following your adventure here in Hammersmith and wishing you well. We’re so grateful for your support. From everyone at St Mungo’s

  3. Blimey – and I thought the end of term was stressful! An amazing venture – well done and hang in there!! Really glad conditions are getting (a little) better. Deb Williams (KGS)

  4. I think you are both amazing! I am willing the waves to calm and the winds to blow you in the right direction. Sleet and snow flakes here today, so think of us freezing in Molesey! Wishing you God speed and a safe return, Sarah.

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