Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 8, 2011

two steps forward, one back

thurs 8 dec ten am R
lots of frustration here – five miles back last night and now just trying to make good the distance again very slowly.. everything difficult – waves big and side on. cabin moist and very cramped. deck often drenched.
pleased to get messages from each set of parents. chris is giving plenty of weather reports, but we just want some calmer seas for now! Is everyone else having problems , or are we left at gthe back? have others all managed to get around the hierro waymark?


  1. Hi – Daphne here. Am praying for the waves to calm down and the weather to cheer up, your safety and reduced frustration with your cramped conditions. God Bless!

  2. The Woodvale website is showing nothing at all about this race, so I have no idea about the other teams. However they will definitely be close by and you wont have been left behind. I remember that sweaty cabin, but you are doing brilliantly so keep at it. All the best. Tom

    • Tom – check the Talisker website as they have taken over from Woodvale. There is a link from the Woodvale site – far right.


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