Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 7, 2011

cannot get away frm Gomera

weds7 dec 8.30 am
As expected we are finding lfe obnoard tricky. Cabin really moist with sweat and condensation. we are smelly and have found it hard to find the stability to wash or feed.
rowing with waves coming broadside on has been horrible and it seems impossible not to be pushed west – we need to go almost due south to get around our Hierro waypoint. there must also be a nothrely current here for some reason – we also get pushed north when on drogue or para-achor. yestardy evening we roweed 2-up for a few hours with angius the autohelm tryinmg to heep boat straight, but even then we were moving only a few feet per stroke and made only a few miles. Put out pRA-NCHOR overnight, which may have made it feel more stormy than it was. this stopped the west drift but we lost all the southerly miles we had rowed the evening before. slighlky nicer cindiotions at 5am si i managed to reclaim thos 3 miles, but now it is getting really choppy again. originally hoped to clear Hierrro in 3 days….good news is that neither of us have ben sick, but onlyI can cope with doing anything in cabin.
Lots of mesages thanks – but actually ooo many at mo – Mel please ration yourself!

Richard (H on oars)


  1. My wholehearted sympathy for the struggles with damp cabins and stomachs – brings back many memories of sailing with small babies. But it won’t be long before you are past the rocks and can focus on the westward journey and enjoy the sunsets…

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