Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 2, 2011

Things are hotting up!

Here in La Gomera the excitement is building. We have had a tour of the 67ft (that’s BIG!) support yacht, and there is a “farewell party” tonight. It is getting hotter too…..we are just playing with the packing of the boat and having the odd ice cream, as are most teams. Many more friends and relatives are turning up – we continue to love being a compact team with just us and the dependable Eric offering advice and general calm, who sends birthday wishes to Abbie D.

This morning whilst we were fiddling with stuff on the boat the marina’s resident Siamese cat came to inspect – went right into the bow cabin and then hopped onto the next door boat where it clawed their sheepskin seat covers for a while before marching boldly over their bows onto the pontoon.

Many thanks to those who sent good luck messages by text today – Kate Bridges and Clint, as well as others! And a particular rOAR of thanks to Helena’s cousin Sarah who managed to figure out the address of the marina and actually post a card to us! A triumph on her part for this and also by the Spanish Postal Service.

We are pretty certain that the start will be at 12.30pm on Sunday – there is no time difference between here and the UK. Don’t forget that there is a static webcam overlooking the marina – the link’s on the home page of (near the bottom). Our boat is still in a different part of the marina right now so you won’t see her lovel orange hull just yet, but we expect to move her over tomorrow afternoon.

On race day, crews wil be “boating” from about 10.30am.(Apparently it takes ages as every member of every departing crew has to hug all those remaining on the pontoon plus any family and friends)!



  1. Fantastic news that the race will start on time. Very best of luck and I am sure the old girl will serve you well. She’s a fantastic sea keeper. DiDi’s not bad either!

  2. I’m delighted it got to you – I had about 10% confidence that it would! Very exciting to follow all your doings. xxx

  3. All the very best Richard & Helena. We’ll be thinking of you lots and checking your progress. Hope you have time to enjoy your maths puzzles whilst you tuck in to the choccies. May the wave of good wishes coming your way tide you over!

    Sheena & Martin

  4. Good luck to you both!

    We are thinking of you and wish you well!


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