Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | December 1, 2011

A more than fair wind!

Today we had a meeting where we learned that the local maritime authorities insist that the race can only start if the wind at the time is less than 25kts. At the moment, the forecast for Sunday noonish is 20kts but rising. We’ll find out tomorrow morning what the plan is. But one thing’s for sure – if it does go ahead, which I think it will, we’ll all be blasting out of the blocks!

One thing for you to note, given such conditions – it will likely be several days before we’ll be able to write decent blogs as it’s such a palaver to connect all the gear up, so we’ll be ringing through quick updates to our Land Team who will post these up as blogs. Please bear with us during this time as we get over any seasickness, get used to the motion of the boat, row constantly to make sure we’re clear of land, and try and get some food down us in conditions when we won’t be able to boil water!

The race support yacht, Aurora, arrived today from the UK, with a fabulously Talisker-branded mainsail!

There are quite a number of people who live on yachts in the marina here, and we have made friends with one – Ian, who has kindly offered to take Eric out on his yacht Summerhill Lady so that he can watch the start, assuming it goes ahead on Sunday.

Today’s picture is one of the official ones taken of us the other day.



  1. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the on schedule start, as i remember the frustration two years ago!

  2. Lovely pic!!! And all the best for the off on Saturday – will be thinking of you (all) … Good Luck!! X

  3. Wishing you all the best for a good start on Sunday.

    May the wind always be at your Tiger’s tail!

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