Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 26, 2011

We’re afloat!

Today has been rather a day for hanging around – owing to a number of hangovers amongst the race organisers and other competitors, but chilling out in the sun is a very Gomeran thing to do (for people, cats and the marina dogs alike).

However, with the help of at least 8 other people (thanks Row to Recovery, solo Tommy, Go Commando, Bertie, Atlantic 4 and solo Andrew!) we got afloat without mishap and paddled round the marina to our berth for the next 8 days to shouts of “Dream It Do It!” from Row 2 Recovery.

Got chatting to a Dutch Australian lady whose yacht was berthed not far away – she and her husband have been sailing round the world since 2004 and are not all that keen on moving back to the lifestyle that goes with their suburban home in Brisbane! They’re heading down to eth Cape Verdes next week, and then to Martinique so are hoping to meet up with some of us rowing boats on that leg of their trip.

Then we fitted our rudder, however this was WITH mishap as Helena managed to drop a shackle in the water – and the chandlery doesn’t open till Monday now. However, we have one that’s the wrong size so can use that if we take Gavin out rowing, he’s a cameraman retained by Talisker, the race sponsors, to travel on the support yacht, taking and editing video on the move (and also beforehand). He’s got good sailing experience and is progressing fast up a steep learning curve about ocean rowing!

Photos below are more numerous than usual (ad I think you get bigger ones if you click on them) – showing some antics from last night’s fancy dress party (and the emphasis really was on dress for many of the blokes) and also our launch today.


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