Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 25, 2011

Dress UP Friday

We’re not sure where the week has gone, but here we are on Friday evening… Having said that, we’re in pretty good shape though there are still lots of things to do, and Eric from our Land Team, who’s coming out on Sunday, is not going to find himself at a loose end.

Today we finished anti-fouling, touched up some orange bits that the anti-foul masking tape had taken off (why does that never happen on DIY SOS?), stowed the stuff that goes in the bow cabin (at the same time admiring the bow cabin of the uber-organised Toby and Nick from Box Number 8 who are currently next to us – they can hangup their ropes in their bow cabin so that they have a chance to dry out a bit – genius), did all of those little jobs that involved getting the Sikkaflex out, put our race number on the boat (number 2 because this is the number she had in the last race and because there are 2 of us) and found a tube of condensed milk in a supermarket (spent ages looking for this in the UK without success). And though YOU might have read this list yawning at the lack of glamour in ocean rowing – we were jolly excited about all of this.

Tomorrow, the excitement steps up (for us) even further as we’ve been scheduled to go on the water at 11am. It’s still pretty windy here, so we’ll porbably spend the rest of the day doing jobs in the marina which will only be possible once the rudder’s on (it sticks down so far below the bottom of the boat that it can only be fitted when she’s on the water) to do with the steering.

But before that, we have the traditional race fancy dress party tonight in the Blue Marlin. No prizes for guessing what we’re going as…

NOTE: Helena has only just realised that her phone doesn’t roam here, so if anyone has texted her and is expecting an answer, sorry, and can you email us instead on the address on the Contact page of



  1. Really glad to see you have managed to keep the lucky number 2 . Good luck tomorrow. Tom

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