Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 24, 2011

Scrutineering – passed!

Apologies for not blogging last night – but as I’d mentioned, our scrutineering didn’t start till 7pm (roughly when it gets dark) and took 2 hours, and then we headed straight to the pizzeria next to the Blue Marlin (where takeaways cost a mere 5 euros provided you’re wearing a “Club Atlantico”* wristband AND they deliver to you at the Blue Marlin bar).

The very minor qualifications on our scrutineering were that we need to move our fire blanket inside the cabin (yes, Roger and Tom, despite the fact that it’s passed scrutineering twice before withit where it currently is), and a couple of advisories like checking the handheld VHF, and turning on the handheld GPS so it already knows roughly where it is (as it last thoughtit was in Geneva of course, Hannah).

Chris M – during a scrutineering discussion about where we might be stowing things, we mentioned that we had been advised to keep the bows light – Paul Williams (scrutineer) looked quizzical at this and asked who by and why – when we explained it was you, the light went on and he said “Ah, Chris Martin is rather anal about boat trim”, which I hope you will take as a massive compliment (I would).

Yesterday was also a touch challenging as a large cruise liner puled into the port and so all the crews spent a lot of the day answering questions of varying degrees of intelligence and relevance (how many people are in yoru crew? really? how long will it take you? where are you going? and, bizarrely, are there some seas which cause more barnacles to grow than others?). Strangely no one asked a question to which the answer was “a bucket”. However, the plus side of this is that we sold all 5 of our remaining t-shirts we had with us! MANY thanks again Di for giving us those extra ones. The final one (with poetic elegance) went to a Finnish couple – always gratifying to find out quite how far afield these things will be.

One the subject of clothing worn by those from overseas, we couldn’t help noticing (because this was all they were wearing in th ehot part of the day) that the Norwegian crew, Emil and Trond, were wearing Olaf Tufte pants (for those reading this who lack an encyclopaedic knowledge of rowing, Tufte is one of the world’s top scullrs and is Norwegian). Apparently this is not merely a case of a top sportsman lendig his name to a clothing brand to make money – the said pants are designed for sport, and are very comfortable, and are the only item he’s designed. One of the crew’s mum’s knows him.

Today’s programme includes putting primer on the bits of the keel that were epoxied yesterday morning, packing away the water ballast now it’s been scrutineered under the nets that should help keep it as close to the keel as possible, and then the food that goes over the top of it, and then attending a seminar on para-anchor nd drogue handling this afternoon.

Cultural observation 3 – at night loads of cats come out to play in the main square, all looking reasonably well fed – a sort of Passeggiagatti.

* Club Atlantico is an invention of Carsten, the entertaining land team manager for Atlantic Campaigns crews (Boogie Woogie and Amigo), and the wristbands give you discounts at most restaurants in Gomera.


  1. You see, I told you that you would fly through srutineering. But move the flire blanket? Just too picky!

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