Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 24, 2011

foul play

Today was a day to deal with our bottom. After yet another morning of lying under the boat sanding, priming and cleaning it was finally ready for the paint. Anti-foul paint is designed to disuade barnacles from finding a home on our bottom. A barny bottom tends to slow one down. Casualties in this were a number of very cheap rollers that fell apart every minute, and a pair of H’s fav shorts when she decided to sit on one roller. Her bottom will never slow her down again.
Also today we had\a long talk about the para-anchor and drogues, which we will write more about when we need to use them. If we get a pleasant tail wind for 2 months you may never know!
We wonder what skills you need for ocean rowing…..we have decided muscle is not it (though some of the blokes here have huge upper bodies….not forgetting the Olaf Tufte pants)….H decided that her doing up a\cable tie with one hand down a hatch which she could not see, well that was truly a vital skill. (thanks Roger for the nets to keep water low, and you many other clever deigns) However someone still has to row us across.

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