Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 22, 2011

Day 2 in La Gomera

It’s amazing how whole days go by on boat “fettling”… Today R once again assumed his butcher look, working on the underside of the boat with its semi-sanded red antifoul – and identified a couple of places where trailers have rubbed her in transit and a little epoxy is needed – nice Ashley from Woodvale will give us some tomorrow after he’s mixed it up for another job.

Helena touched up all of the orange bits and painted the new extension to the top of the rudder that connects to the autohelm – to ensure that Didiis totally tiger.

We also had our medical kit scruitineered (passed, but no surprise there as it was bought as a complete lot from the recommended supplier) – our main scruitineering is scheduled for tomorrow at 7pm – and this can take p to 4 hours! (a substantial lunch is called for, we think). Apparently the record for scruitineering is 9hrs…

We were also very pleased to find out last night that the finish line for the race is a north/south line going up from North Point (the top of Barbados) rather than the entrance to Port St Charles. This is great news as the row round North Point and down the west side of the island can be tricky, with off or onshore winds (depending on the time of day you get there), and whilst we would LIKE to row the wole way, it would be annoying to be disqualified for needing assistance in the last few miles.

Today’s interesting cultural observation involved municipal workers hosing down the ornamental fig trees that grow along the path by the marina. They were also hosing down cars parked under the said trees. No obvious sign of public sector austerity here, then…

Dan – your Isle of Wight blue cheese is excellent, and so far I’ve had some of that bakewell tart for breakfast, lunch and supper pudding!


  1. Didi certainly stands out from the crowd 🙂

  2. Great news about the relocated finish line; I gather those last few miles to Port St Charles are often the toughest of the whole crossing

  3. DiDi is already standing out from the crowd! Tom

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