Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 17, 2011

Who you gonna call?

[Before we start, a quick apology to those who will be offended by the appalling grammar and spelling of this subject line – it’s a quote from a famous film called Ghostbusters.]

On with the blog which, today, introduces our Land Team. Whilst only the rowers on the boat actually do the pulling of the blades, ocean rows nowadays are achieved with the indispensable support of team members outside the boat, and that’s why we are delighted to have 3 great friends supporting us formally with various tasks including:

· Keeping us informed about where other crews are in the 17-boat fleet (as well as on the progress of independent rower John Beeden who we did our safety courses with) – who’s winning, who’s round about us.

· Giving us routing and weather information to supplement what we get from the race organisers – how is our route comparing to those taken by crews ahead of us, for instance.

· Being Plan B for posting blogs if it’s too rough for us to face getting the laptop up and typing them ourselves or the laptop becomes an ex-computer, in which case we’ll ring updates in. Plan C is that they make the blogs up themselves if the sat phone also ceases to be.

· Answering any questions you ask in comments to blogs.

· Adding updates to our Facebook page.

· Running various competitions for followers and encouraging charity initiatives whilst we’re at sea – watch this space!

· Booking accommodation for us in Barbados once they have the faintest clue when we might get there.

· Coming out to the start to keep us calm and take lots of photos of us and the boat there (Eric).

You can find out more about these amazing people here on our website:

HOWEVER, the Land Team are only part of the support that will help us cross the ocean, and other supporters can also play an invaluable role in keeping our morale up. For info on how you can get in touch with us whilst we’re at sea (or contact the land team about any charity fundraising initiatives you might be able to do linked to our row – such as a club meal at your rowing club, a bake sale in your workplace, or a sponsored ergo wearing tiger ears), just go to the Contact page of our website:

Don’t forget that as subscribers to/readers of this blog, you’re already part of Tiger Team. Together we can “Ambush* the Atlantic”.

* An Ambush is apparently the collective noun for tigers.

The picture below was taken by our friend Sara Reay of UK Gold and Bedford RC, and is entitles “A Tiger Posting”.

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