Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 13, 2011

Go Didi!

A word of context to clarify the title of this blog – our boat is called “Dream It Do It” and is therefore known as Didi for short.

OK, bearing that in mind, last night was “Sherriff Night” at Kingston Grammar School where Richard works as a maths teacher and rowing coach. Whilst quite a number of schools have boat clubs, this is probably the only one that lays on an annual performance evening, with scenes from plays by RC Sherriff (the famous playwright who wrote “Journey’s End” and the screenplays to “The Dambusters” and “Goodbye Mr Chips” – and, a former pupil of KGS who allegedly only enjoyed drama and rowing whilst at school, gave the school the land on which the boathouse was built) and songs, all performed by school rowers. Richard has a cameo role each year, because he is the spitting image of one of the best-known photos of RC Sherriff.

This year, the programme included scenes from “Odd Man Out” interwoven with a rowing version of “Grease”, the legendary 1970s musical film, based now at “RC Sherriff High” with lyrics brilliantly adapted by boat club parent Roland Wales. We were treated to “Rowing Club Drop Out”, “Hopelessly Devoted to Crew” and other classics, just not quite as you know them.

However, the highlight for us was an adaptation of “Go Greased Lightning” reworked as “Go, go Didi”. These are the lyrics – wonderful stuff!

Why this journey’s……..
no – it’s death-defying,
no – it’s terrifying
so look out…. it’s DiDi!

Gonna set out in December when the winds are nice and light oh yeah
Keep rowing, just keep rowing
Watch out for the whales, because they’ll give you such a fright, oh yeah,
Keep bailing, just keep bailing
Though your rowing might be good, don’t forget that awful food
Better watch out for the sun and the blisters on your………
Go DiDi

Go go DiDi, you’ve gotta go 3,000 miles
Like lightning, go like lightning
Go, go DiDi, don’t go near the Scilly Isles,
Like lightning, go like lightning
Look out for sores, in the Azores,
Go DiDi

It’s gonna take a while, but we’re sure you’ll get there in the end
Keep out of the sunshine, or it might just drive you round the bend
You can assure us all of that, if you’ll only wear this hat*
Don’t turn to crackling on the ocean by applying suntan lotion
Go DiDi

Go, go DiDi, but watch out when you navigate
Like lightning, go like lightning
Don’t go to the Falklands or go near the Magellanic Strait
Like lightning, go like lightning
Ignore that paean
To things Verdean
Go DiDi

Go, go DiDi, but make sure that the sun don’t broil
Like lightning, go like lightning
Go, go DiDi, and splash on lots of suntan oil,
Like lightning, go like lightning
Don’t take the risk-y
Of gettin’ crispy
Go DiDi

* The Sherriff Club also gave us 2 sunstroke-beating, “foreign legion”-type hats embroidered with the boat club logo as shown below!

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