Posted by: Helena Smalman-Smith | November 8, 2011

Just a spoonful of… dinner?

On Sunday, Helena met up with Chris Martin whom we’re privileged to have as one of our land team. Chris not only rowed the Atlantic solo in 2005-6, famously breaking no fewer than 3 sets of blades in the process (it’s OK, we’re using a MUCH more robust type than the ones he had), but also rowed the Pacific (yes, the ocean that covers almost half the planet) in a double, taking 189 days. Now that IS mad.

Anyway, Chris started by insisting that Helena train harder for our impending trip – by ordering a double fried slice, sausage and egg instead of just coffee ain the café where they met. The waitress DID try to take H’s plate away at one point, unable to believe that anyone could be taking quite so long to devour their meal and still have the intention of finishing it, but eventually H managed to cram it all in. As well as more excellent advice, Chris gave us a REALLY useful present – 4 sundae spoons! Sadly, these won’t be for eating ice cream sundaes, but they are the perfect implement for getting rehydrated meals out of the bottom of the packet. And whilst no one wants to pollute the sea with on-natural materials, there IS a real risk that a spoon gets knocked out of your hands by an unexpected wave arriving whilst dining, and so having 4 is a real luxury, and ensures we won’t finish up having to use spanners to eat with.

When it comes to ocean rowing, it’s the details that make it civilised!

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